Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Status Report

Ho, Ho, Ho, from the Master Porn Coder - ala Codex

Just a few things to report on my end.  I'm planning on throwing up a teaser video of some of the new things already made in a few weeks and provide a little bit of commentary as well.  Other than that, I've been working on getting familiar with loveframes and installing it into SQ.  This has resulted in a more advanced button layout. (ones you can click or [k]eypress)  Additionally adding a full-screen mode to the game which has been overdue.

Other major feature that I've had my mind on for a long time is the ability to save your game, map, and all NPCs.  Experimenting with using Tiled to get it done, but we'll see!

At my jobs IRL right now, the holiday season has pushed me to near overtime.  One or two weeks after Christmas and I should be back on my normal schedule and progress updates can resume.  Sorry I haven't been that active with my reports, there just hasn't been a lot of free time to use towards this.

And as for what everyone's been asking for on the comments: deadlines, Deadlines, DEADLINES!?  hahahah?  I've been thinking about that too for a while.  I'm leaning towards implementing something along the lines of what Project Zomboid did a while back when they had a major release.  Write a list of features/stuff that are left and mark them off when they are complete.  This way people get an idea on progress and a status report of what's left.  Going to make that checklist and introduce it with the pending video on the next blog update.

Until then fellas have a great Christmas!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Laptop Repairs

Just a quick update on the computer situation.

Originally was planning on sending my laptop to a company and having it repaired around mid to late December.  But a week ago I talked with a friend about my computer problems and he referred me to a person I'm vaguely acquainted with, who repairs PCs/laptops (I just discovered) as a side job.  (And supposedly MUCH cheaper)

Going to get in contact with him tomorrow.  Hopefully I can have it fixed by the end of November!

As for updates with the game, nothing major.  Fetish menu is still being tweaked.  There are only a few MAJOR things I need to work on left, and then it's just weld all the code together.  I'm also thinking about following the same trend as Noxico and throwing up a feature poll of which things people want to see in the game first.  That should give me some idea of which direction to continue developing it towards.

Should I mention... I told my parents I was developing this game?  Soooo that was an... interesting conversation.  *shrug*  They were trying to be supportive, but the discussion was very indirect.  When certain subjects/topics were mentioned, I kinda had to keep the details vague.  Other than that, I thought it went pretty well!  :)

It's 3 am.  Need sleep, work in the morning!  I know this update is long overdue, but just hang in there a little longer guys!


(edit - WOW!  That was fast.  Laptop is now fixed. FUCK YEAH!)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Heredity is finished!

Just finished scribbling the last lines of code in my notebook.  Hellz ya!

Alright so the following is how it works:

Start of world - all mobs spawn with preconfigured genes (within a random choice)
Afterwards Mother Nature takes over.

If sex results in sperm and ovaries coming into contact, a check is made to determine if races are compatiable and if it's true then there is a chance for pregnancy (determined by race pregnant likelihood).  Afterwards then the first thing that is selected is the race of the offspring.  Depending on the parents (and their race genes) this will either result in a full breed, (double dom alleles) Dom breed (one Dom allele, one Rec allele) or a half half breed. (two Rec alleles)

Then parents each donate their genes to the offspring.  In some cases the parents won't be able to pass their genes along for some traits, and when that happens the gene pool for the race is consulted and used to fill in the blanks.

I did cut a few features that I had initially planned on but decided to leave for later.  Those were inheriting a transgender/nongender gene and gene mutations.  Right now transgender/nongender is pre-determined by the race.  And the mutations were for when certain traits become extinct, which shouldn't happen because the gene pool should replenish the traits into the population when parents are missing genes.  (kind of a hack, but it gets the job done)

So this worked out better than I thought.  I still feel like there are a few things I need to tweak and some bug testing that needs to be done.  Overall, I'm very satisfied though!

Going to work on polishing up the fetish menu, and then maybe AI behavior?  We shall see.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Heredity 202

Just a quick post before I head off to bed!

Progress is tangible!!!

Turned the above into the following:


(The c/p from gmail messed up the font size...  =/ )

I ran outta time typing it up and doing some testing at the library, but I should have it finished soon-ish.

So I just wanted to further expand on the old heredity 101 convo, and this is what I've come up with:

Both sperm_type & egg_type carry genes that determine offspring limitations which is,

Dominant race = RR
Full race           = R
Half race           = r

  • Dominant race (RR) always triumphs over any other race genes when it comes to offspring.  (and they cannot have recessive mixed race genes either)
  • Full race (R) means when there are offspring it cannot be mixed.  It has to be one race or the other.
  • Half race (r) is a recessive race gene, that allows races to mix together (50/50).

Some examples:

Goo girls are RR, and they crossbreed with a human who can be half breeds r, or full breeds R.  In this case it doesn't matter, the goo girl doesn't need the race gene from the sperm donner. (Offspring will always be slimes)  The offspring doesn't get passed any race genes from the other parent, only the parent with the RR genes.

A mermaid (R) produces offspring with a male Nagga (also R).  The offspring either have to be a mermaid or a Nagga.  Cannot be mixed.  But offspring can carry the recessive gene!  Mermaid offspring could be (Mn).  If that mermaid later breeds with someone else who has a Nagga racial gene then that could be an outcome.

Last thing, is if both parents have the ability to be half-races (r) then the offspring will have mixed genes from the two races.  A good example irl is if you breed a white rosé with a red one you will end up with pink.

Anyway this is the list of egg_types for female races in the game now. (Subject to change/be tweaked)

Dom - RR

Goo girl
Spider girl
Bee girl
Imp girl

Full - R

Unicorn girl
Grizzly woman

Half - r


Likewise, these same rules will apply to the male sperm_types for races!  (But that is much later)  In the case of sperm and egg both being, RR, it nullifies offspring.

Another thing planned regarding this system is to have transgender/single gender/normal gender choices for races.  Very similar to the above.

Gender types:

One gender = GG
Normal gen = G
Transgender = g

Some races are exclusive to only one type of sex. (Ie. only females for siren).  The rest is self explanatory.

Also if your egg_type or sperm_type is false in the case of certain races, then obviously you can't have offspring.  Gender can also be false for certain races (ex. slimes) that means they are considered to have no gender.

This idea sorta came from how blood types work, o, a, b, ab.  I was doing some research on that and stole a few designs from that system.  Other thing was I remember in Jurassic Park the part where they were explaining how they managed to clone the Dino's by filling in the missing DNA with a frogs.  That gave me the idea to make some races be Dom - RR, that needed the sperm/egg to fill in the missing genes not related to traits.  So we don't end up with half slimes, 1/10 th human, 1/4 spider, 1/8th golem kind of races.  Not only would that be a headache to program, but it gives a not very sexy vibe to a lot of monsters. (Granted some people are into that, but mostly a minority)

Anyway, this feels like it will work out really well when I convert it into code!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Heredity 101 & Race Backstories

Alright so while I wait for my laptop to get fixed, I've been trying to stay proactive with the project.  As said before, not being able to type and run code directly is a major hassle, but I am writing down the coding blueprints via pen & paper.  It takes ten times longer, but it's better than nothing.

Two new things that have been designed (mostly) is a genetic heredity system for mobs and some good backstory to the way the different mobs interact.

I'm sure everyone is familiar with pundet squares from biology class?  If not the basic premise is that certain traits are dominant over others.  (Whoever came up with the terms must have been into BDSM) I'm not goin to do a whole seminar since I'm limited to typing from my iPhone.  For SQ there are a few predetermined dominate traits (ex. normal height, B-cup breasts, for human females) everything else is randomly assigned to either be dominate or recessive (aka passive) to another trait.  Combine this with an offspring formula and it should end up being pretty interesting.  In order to avoid certain traits from completely dying out there should be a mutation that changes the traits Dom/Rec properties.  Of course during a players character lifetime you won't get to witness much of this... But later on I plan to add a save functions to worlds so that you can keep progressing throughout different generations.

tldr - it will be cool to become a slave breeder due to the upcoming heredity system

The second thing I mentioned was adding some backstory to the different (planned) races.  One of such examples:  All angels are born immortal, but are cursed to never lose their virginity.  Why?  Because angels are given a unique racial trait that causes [life_drain] when performing vaginal intercourse.  (Not to mention a strong addiction forever after if it happens). This doesn't mean angels can't perform or indulge in other sexual acts, they can, without repricussions.  But if they do break the taboo, not only do they lose their virginity, the halo, immortality and their angelic powers all goes with it.  As a result they grow a demonic tail and essentially turn into a succubus having to prey on males to stay alive.   Quite a cool bit of backstory IMO.

Although I'm finding it hard to tie in heredity in the case of certain monster/races.  The other big issue is to have intermingling races.  (Half human, half slime, etc). Or to just to make the racial determination a Dom/Rec gene.  (Can only be one or the other, but can carry recessive race genes)

Anywho, the battery on my phone is about to die so bye!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Laptop Dilema

So I've got some bad news...

My laptop has just been knocked out of commission.  See this thread for more info -

I'm Rocco (as forum alias) in that thread.  Right now I'm using my iPhone to type so I will keep this post short.  This is quite a big problem but the situation isn't hopeless!

I don't have a second PC to use, nor is the progress on SQ backed up to an external hardrive or online.      Before this update, I was actively posting updates every few weeks so the backup was done automatically through these intervals.

Now this does not mean all the coding data is lost... at least I hope not but can't say for sure.

The good news is that I'm fairly certain I can jimmy-rig some type of development system using misc. things.

What I'm planning on doing is to write code on paper, get it organized, take it to a public library, and convert the scribbled notes into a .lua file.  I just have to be careful with naming my variables... otherwise I will get kicked out of there for obvious reasons!

As far as bug-testing the files, I have a lua app on my phone (but never used) as one possible way, a better solution would be to find a volunteer on the löve2D forums who I can send code to.  I could also try to use the library's computer to run test versions of SQ, but that would be an insane risk!

Bottom line is - I'm sure I can whip something together, it's just not going to be as efficient as having my laptop working.  While I wait to see if I can recover the data, I'm going to be coding stuff that was on the bottom of my to-do-list.  (Terrain dungeon generation, AI, & a few other things.)

Will try and keep this updated as new info develops.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bits and Pieces

Hello everyone, just going to give a quick update on progress.

--Refactoring the Code--

Got a lot of the big chunks taken care of.  Now I need to tackle the little things and stitch it all together.  Once this is done (and it's not too far from being finished) it all gets thrown up on github which is like the facebook of coding.  This as I said before should serve two main-purposes:

  1. More people can get involved in the coding if they want. (including making mods)
  2. Less of a headache to add stuff once this is finished.
Both should result in faster progress.

--Finalizing the New Arousal System--

I've been comparing the new arousal system to other roguelike systems out in the market.  And I've mixed some elements into it that should make the arousal system more robust.  New things are:

Critical hits - Double damage
Eroticism - Bonus damage
Skill - Success in preventing targets cooldown

And I've renamed some of the old elements so that it's now:

Arousal - Measures how close to orgaism (formally Hora)
Pleasure - Measure of ectasy character is feeling (formally Ero)
Titillation - Increases duration of use, before boredom penalty (formally boredom)

So we have 6 fields total that do completely different things.  I think this should be enough depth to the system without it getting too complicated.  Some tweaks I've made overall:

Pleasure has a large cooldown, (ie. 3d3) but at a slower rate (every 3-5 turns)
Arousal has a small cooldown, (ie. 1d3) but at a faster rate (almost every turn)

Now, in normal roguelikes there is a chance to-hit, and if unsuccessful your character or the monster misses and does no damage.  For the arousal system, that doesn't make any sense.  Sexual attacks for SQ always hit.  Instead of a miss chance, if you make a sexual attack and the roll succeeds, the targets cooldown will be averted.  This is mainly measured by the skill trait, but will vary depending on other modifiers as well.

Some other interesting things I've toyed around with - counterattacks!  If you use your sexual parts against another characters sexual parts, then expect a damage and arousal penalty against yourself.  There will be a penalty to the counterattack's damage and arousal though, but it can still be dangerous if you pick the wrong target.  Allow me to illustrate:

Bob the Human vs Lyda the Kitsune 

Now if Bob uses his penis (selected part), and thrusts (selected method) into Lyda's mouth (selected target) it might be something like |+1, 2d4| <+0, 1d3>

Meaning Bob gets a +1 arousal and 2d4 pleasure roll against Lyda.
While Lyda gets a +0 arousal and 1d3 pleasure roll against Bob.  (as the counterattack)

How do we determine the counterattack values?  You reverse the order.  You find out what Lyda would get with - Her mouth (selected part) using oral (selected method) against Bob's penis (selected target)   Which would result in:  |+0, 2d3|  So the penalty was half.  (took away one dice)  and the counterattack wasn't that strong because Lyda isn't skilled in oral.

But if Bob were to target Lyda's fluffy tail, and assuming she is very skilled in tails-manship, the counterattack would be much stronger and Bob would be in trouble.

This counterattack quirk to the arousal system is going to allow simultaneous orgasm between both (or multiple) combatants.  Which is awesome! 

--Leveling Stuff--

Now let's tally the bits and pieces of this system together.

6 Fields (Arousal, Pleasure, Titillation, Crit, Skill, & Eroticism)
3 Components (Part selected, Target selected, Method used)
Additional Stuff (Num of Dice used, Arousal formula, Pleasure forumla, Rerolls, & Bonus to all dice)

The way it is setup now:

Method determines -  Num_of_dice, Arousal & Pleasure Forumla, Rerolls & Bonus to all dice
Part selected determines - Titilation, Arousal, Pleasure
Target selected determines - Skill, Crit, & Erotical

Now you may be wondering, what the fuck does this all mean?  Allow me to throw up another illustration.

In Bob and Lyda's oral example:

Method - Thrust
  • dice = 2
  • arousal = a*0.5
  • pleasure = p*0.5
  • rerolls = false
  • bonus_to_all = false

Part - Penis
  • Titillation = +1
  • Arousal = +2
  • Pleasure = +8
Target - Mouth
  • Skill = +1
  • Crit = 5%
  • Erotical = +0

Now in the case of leveling up the following will happen:

Method - more dice, better modifiers for arousal & pleasure formulas, rerolls, and bonus_to_all enabled.
Parts - Bonus points to Titillation, Arousal, Pleasure
Targets - Bonus points to Skill, Crit, and Erotical

I'm still moving some of these around, trying to figure out what works better and makes more sense so any input would be appreciated!  So the character can get better at using a method, skilled in using their own parts, and improve their ability to target parts.  Multiple separate systems to level up. 

I'm strongly leaning towards a small lvl up system like in nethack:  0-3 lvls, or 0-5 lvls, as opposed to a large 0-15 lvls, mainly because SQ's sexual combat system is broken into 3 components.  (and as a result 3 separate lvl'ing charts)

So it would be something like:


LVs            |00|01|02|03|
skill            -2 +0 +2 +4
crit             5% 5% 7% 10%
erotical       -1 +0 +1 +2

And before I go, just something really quick.  Critical hit will result in text/desc with either: Target moaning, or pre-cum appearing.  One will be for arousal, the other for pleasure.  Haven't decided which is which.

It's getting late and I need to catch some z's.

PS - I had a few people report that game.exe crashes before it even loads.  After some investigation on the love2d IRC, this appears to be a graphics card issue caused from love, and not SQ itself.  The love2d patch has already been issued to fix this, and I will be adding it to the next update so for anyone else with this bug please be patient until I release SQ ver 0.3!  

PSS - I got my internet back!  Woohoo!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sneak Peak At New Arousal System

Alright so first off let me say that the below is taken from a bunch of scribbled notes on .txt files scattered in my work folder for SQ.  It's an outline for how the arousal combat is shaping up to be.  The values given are not nailed down.  They will likely change before it gets fully implemented.  The concepts are whats important.  Cooldown, Desire_lvls, Hora & Ero attacks. (aka arousal, pleasure attacks) are how interactions will turn into.  Also interesting little thing I learned about roguelikes is:

Iron Sword - (+1, 1d6)   
Wooden Shield - [+2, +0]    

The symbol for a weapon is (, while a symbol for a shield is [.  It always seemed like a weapon should have been the \  or / symbol. (looks more like a sword)  And shields should have been an = symbol or something...  But it makes sense now!  So the new symbols to represent our arousal items/attacks/defense will be:

|arousal attack|
<arousal defense>

The rest of the details are below.

---Overview of Sexual System---

Broken down into 3 systems: 

Hora - Measure of physical arousal to orgasm
Ero - Pleasure damage taken
Desire - Characters current sexual mindstate


Hora is essentially a reverse HP system that starts out 0.  Hora will increase when attacked with hora attacks.  When the max hora limit is reached - orgasm happens. 

To start off -                Hora 00/25
After a few hora attacks -    Hora 15/25
When it reaches orgasm -      Hora 27/25


Desire is a state system.  Progression is as follows: 
Dull -> Aroused -> Lustful -> Enthralled     (Desire lvls 0-3)

Desire_lvl thresholds will be set according to stats:
Aroused =     4+(willpower/2)
Lustful =     8+(willpower/2)
Enthralled = 12+(willpower/2)

To decrease a desire_lvl the thresholds would need to be less than:
Aroused =      (4+(willpower/2))/2
Lustful =      (8+(willpower/2))/2
Enthralled =  (12+(willpower/2))/2

Desire_lvl is factored into dice rolls for Hora and Ero, and their cooldowns.  Desire current value is determined by: {Partner(s) desire tags} + Ero/2

*Note* - {Partner(s) desire tags} would be based off of clothes, looks,  and fetish_modifiers.  Tags like:  {Volruptious Curves +2}, {Covered in latex +1}, {Tentacles -1}, {Virgin +2}

*2nd Note* - Pre-encounter desire level CAN be set before sexual attacks start to happen.  So characters can start off in the "Lustful" state (lvl 2) if enough {tags} are of their liking.


Ero is another reverse HP system.  It will increase when attacked with ero attacks.  Ero will be used to factor in special states/effects.  It also will determine potential for character to exit sexual encounter.


---The Sexual System Itself---

-Before Encounter-
Desire level is determined by {tags}. (ero/hora should be 0)

-During Encounter-
Certain actions such as removing clothing, seductive talk, flirting, build up Ero and modify {tags}.

More direct actions such as touching, intercourse, kissing, etc. build up arousal (mainly) & ero (minor) and modify {tags}.

On performing some actions - new ones will become unlocked, whilst others may be locked.  (ie. engulfing penis into vagina, will prevent penis from being stroked with hand, but inner vaginal muscles may be used)

Sexual Attacks/Items are assigned values traditional roguelike values
|+0, xdy+z| == |ero_value, hora_damage|
<+0, +0>    == <ero_resist, hora_resist>

So some examples might be:

lick    - |+1, 1d5|
caress  - |+3, 2d2|
squeeze - |+0, 1d4|
kiss    - |+3, 1d4|
pump    - |-2, 1d8|

Items would be:
Wodden Dildo - |+1, 1d6|
Penis Ring   - |+3, 1d4|
Chasity Belt - <+1, +2>
Boxers       - <+1, +0>
Briefs       - <+0, +1>

*Note* - a negative ero_value when attacking will incur a penalty to Ero & Hora damage.  (so some actions, ie. pumping dick will need bonuses like lube, covered_in_salvia, to avoid reducing ero/hora)

-Rolls and calculations-

Hora Attack = {x}d{y} + {z} - hora_resist
Ero Attack = 1d(ero_value + desire_lvl) - ero_resist

Hora & Ero both have cooldown rolls after each round of combat:

Hora = 1d7-desire_lvl
Ero  = 1d(desire_lvl)+1

---Experience System---

Constant use of Ero/Hora attacks and sexual items will add a leveling up bonus to attacking with them.

lvls           1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10

hora          +0 +1 +2 +2 +2 +3 +4 +4 +4 +6
ero            +1 +1 +1 +1 +2 +2 +2 +2 +4 +6
boredom   +0 +0 +0 +1 +1 +1 +1 +2 +2 +2

*Note* - All attacks suffer a ero/hora penalty when overused.  Boredom lessens the penalty received.

---Misc Stuff---

Certain Monster races will have access to special attacks.
Certain races will be better at some things than others.
Certain genders will be given compensation for lack of available parts.  (ie. males can't really use boobs, so +bonus to using hand attacks... or something like that)

That's pretty much it.  As always any feedback is always appreciated, good or bad!  Some of the numbers/dice_rolls need to be heavily tweaked, as I have yet to test this system yet.  And of course expect more stuff to be added once the basics are setup.  I planned on posting some screenshots of the fetish menu, but I haven't gotten around to it just yet.

Also does anyone happen to know if dropbox links are affected from being disconnected online?  I heard a rumor a while back that it relies on the host being connected to the internet... (or for a certain period of time)   

Last thing before I go - new patch for MGQ3 is out!  Those vampires... daaaamn!  Hot stuff.  And a few of the angels are pretty awesome too!  There are always a few monsters in the game where I sincerely do NOT want to lose to though.  Luckily it looks like part 3 has A LOT more humanoid looking monsters than part 2, which is a plus for me.

Though, I do hope SQ will one day become as highly regarded as MGQ, even though the games are vastly different.  MGQ has such a heavy focus on story-telling, character development, the plot, which is really more of a RPG.  SQ?  Not really an RPG, but a hybrid of Dwarf Fortress & Nethack mechanics/styles, but MGQ themed.  If that deserves to be an entirely new category itself then it wouldn't surprise me. 

But I gotta run guys!  Typing these blog posts up takes a lot longer than I always expect. 

Best of horas!  <333

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Update on the update

Hey everyone,

I've been without internet the past month (only iPhone) and I'm now in a free wifi area (without people nearby) so I thought I would drop a post here.

Not having online access hasn't interfered with my coding progress very much.  Other than referencing the Love2D wiki and a few other minor resources, most of what I need can be done offline. 

Though I should admit, I did recently take a break from coding to finish another project for a gaming community I'm apart of.  It took about two weeks to design a new map for a sandbox space sim game called Space Station 13. (commonly referred to as SS13)  It's a kick-ass game that is like an online Dwarf Fortress, but in space and with multiplayer.  Many crazy scenarios and interactions will play out that make the game so much different from any online game.  The community that I'm apart of (before my internet went to shit) had just opened a second server, and I volunteered to build a new map for it.  It took about two weeks but it's finished.

With the map done, focus on SQ is back to full throttle.

Currently a huge amount of code is being refactored.  Basically, everything.  I plan to put up the game's code on github with the next update, and I want to make sure it's on par with coding standards.  Some of this is code cleanup (ie. making the code readable by other people) and some of it is overhauling certain mechanics/elements of the game, such as items, NPCs, terrain, etc.

This next release will be SQ ver 0.3 both for how long it's been in development and the new content that is in the works.  New things will include:  Fetish Menu for character creation, New items, New Sex Items (that you can use with the [I]nteract), Terrain Overhaul, New NPCs, and some bonus content that I won't reveal just yet.

Now the Fetish Menu I will show off a screenshot later in the week but, I'm planning on using icons from and I think they will fit perfectly for what I need.
This menu will be in the world creation and have a list (with images) of all the different fetishes in game that you can select either as repulsion or arousal.  You start with 0 points and are neutral to all fetishes.  You acquire more points by selecting fetishes you are aroused by, and you can spend points to select fetishes you are repulsed by.

Some fetishes will be more common than others in the game world, so to offset this I plan to make the rarer fetishes give a higher bonus.  So something like 'boobs' fetish would be quite common, might yield a +- 25% bonus, where the 'vampire' fetish might be more uncommon and yield a +- 75% bonus.  Or you could just be a total slut and enable all fetishes to arousal... ;)  (I'm thinking about giving a special ability, or special item for doing so)

Anyway that's all the major news.  Hopefully once the game is up on github some of the coders who displayed interest in PMs might contribute some code if they want.  And as for an ETA on release, I'm aiming for a month for now.  Depending on how many snags I hit along the way, this could be extended.


Sunday, April 28, 2013

"non est super"

Alright so the campaign is over.  We didn't make our goal, but at this point it's not a big surprise.  One thing that I will point out is that Offbeatr succeeded in getting SQ more exposure, so that's a plus.  The title of this post, "non est super" reflects the direction of this project now.  It is Latin for - "it's not over".  Progress will continue! Porn will be made!!! 

Meanwhile, this morning I came down with a nasty stomach bug that left me bedridden all day.  (asleep for the most part)  I'm just now feeling better, and working on some late night coding.  This week's progress: a few shortcuts for tasks coded in, designed the [I]nteract to account for patterns/random patterns, and overhauled the event & pending_event system to be more robust.  When I was testing and messing around with random patterns, I accidentally jizzed into a Valkyrie's left eye, which made me lol. 

OH - that reminds me!

There is an unintended bug from the interact system where you can select yourself.  This essentially means the player and NPCs can masturbate if they choose so.  Although, I do need to tinker with some of the wording so it doesn't sound as awful.   

At this point I don't think there is enough stuff worthy of an update, so I'm putting a release on hold.  I don't have much work these coming week so that leaves me with more time to code.

Two last things before I go.

I'm going to be flip-flopping the aimed goals I set on Offbeatr.  Instead of working on the "Hero" mode first, I'm going to be trying to get a little bit of everything in. (Mixed mode)  Initially I wanted to do Mixed mode as the basic goal, but it would have meant I would have to dilute my efforts amongst all goals.  (ie. 26 monster classes - 10 male - 10 female - 6 futa or something like that)  Setting my stretch goals based on the modes, in my opinion, was a more "complete" stretch goal.  The alternative was to do - strech goal "x" = +10 more NPCs!  The modes themselves seemed more catchy and complete, but in doing so, it may have alienated some of the audience.  So those were the pros and cons I weighed when deciding.  Since it's over, I'm not obliged to go in any order.  I will say though that a lot more stuff needs to be done before adding another NPC, so it may be a while until then.

The other thing is this:

(this time it was intentional!)

It's getting late... I'm going to chug some NyQuil, and head to bed.  Thanks everyone for all your support and patience!


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Weekend Agenda

Alright so if you have been keeping track of the Offbeatr progress, you've probably noticed that the growth has been pretty stagnate.  We are down to 3 days left and still only 20% reached.  I'm a bit surprised because I thought by this point the funding would be close (if not well-over) to being reached.  I thought the goal was reasonable, the idea appealing, and the development timeline I gave would have allowed many features to be coded in but...

The reality is that I don't think it's going to succeed.

Even though I've been holding my breath for the past two week waiting to see the pledges skyrocket, its not happened.  I'm not sure to chalk this up to bad-luck or what.  But as I said before.

The game still gets made!  (just not as fast)

So with that bad news out of the way, it's time to move forward.

I said earlier that I was planning on entering the LD competition and had scheduled days off work for that weekend.  It turns out, I'm not going to be entering in after all.  Instead I've decided to reallocate that time off work to further develop the next update for SQ to give it more quality.  

As I said in the previous comments of the last post, right now NPCs target parts and perform actions completely at random.  I'm going to be changing that, but before I do, I need to experiment with a system for arousal buildup, pleasure level, and some indicator to show how close the character is to orgasm.  More on that later.

Expect another post in the coming day or two with more details.  (and maybe some screenshots!)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Comments on last release and future plans

Just a few things I have to say on the last release really quick.

There were some unfinished features that were being worked on that were not added due to time constraints.  They were cut due to bugginess for some, and for others because completing them would have pushed the release back much further than I wanted.  The good news is that a hefty chunk of the code for these features is mostly made and designed, and if all goes well, I will try to throw out another release this coming week.  Some of these features included:

  • Limp/Erect Penis based on arousal state  (erect state - allowing you to penetrate)
  • Can_squirt method for ejaculation (later on for female orgasms too)
  • Part state for becoming covered in semen
  • Restrained mode during sex under certain circumstances (ie - succubus binding the player with her pussy while it's being penetrated)
  • Parts having contents - (lips -> mouth ->  throat)  (butt -> anus -> rectum)
  • Methods having sub-methods - (can_bind -> wrap, release, tighten, loosen) (can_penetrate -> impale, thrust, remove)
  • Selecting a method (while keeping the target, part) or target (keeping the method, part) or part (keeping the method, target) if possible, and additional having a random selection above.  (m - to change method keep the rest same, or M - to randomly select method and keep the rest same)
There are also some bugs I'm aware of, but I didn't find any major ones that caused the game to crash when I was testing.

Oh and I guess I should give a quick rundown on the new interaction system.  This is mostly how it's broken up into:

You have your methods - can_penetrate, can_touch, can_bind, can_engulf, can_suck, can_kiss

There is a reference for what parts can use what methods, which right now is:

            vulva = {can_engulf = true, can_bind = true,},
            mouth = {can_engulf = true, can_suck = true,},
            lips = {can_kiss = true,},
            penis = {can_penetrate = false, can_squirt = false,},   -- note the penis is limp by default
            finger = {can_penetrate = true, can_touch = true,},
            hand = {can_touch = true,},
            tounge = {can_penetrate = true, can_touch = true,},

Some methods have specific states they can only be used on:

            can_penetrate = "is_orifice",
            can_engulf = "is_shaft",

Some methods have a specific state that enables or disables them:  (otherwise it assumes they can be used)

        -- if neither when_disabled or when_enabled then always active
        when_disabled = { -- when you CANNOT use method
            can_penetrate = {all = "is_penetrating",},
            can_kiss = {lips = "orifice_penetrated",},
            can_engulf = {all = "orifice_penetrated",},
            can_bind = {all = "is_binding",},
        when_enabled = { -- when you CAN ONLY use the method
            can_suck = {mouth = "orifice_penetrated",},
            can_penetrate = {penis = "is_erect",},
            can_bind = {vulva = "orifice_penetrated",},

And to use a method on a target part you need to check if it has a state that will disable your method:
            when_disabled = {    -- when target state DISABLES method
                can_penetrate = {all = "orifice_penetrated",},
                can_engulf = {all = "is_penetrating", penis = "is_limp"},

Some methods when used will cause a state change:

            can_penetrate = {self = "is_penetrating", target = "orifice_penetrated",},
            can_engulf = {self = "orifice_penetrated", target = "is_penetrating",},
            can_bind = {self = "is_restraining", target = "is_restrained",},
            --can_squirt = {target = "covered_in_sperm",},  (removed for later)

This all translates into a bunch of on/off switches for methods and states that determines what can be used when, how, and the result.

Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to add in remove/eject functions so that once once a orifice is penetrated, or a shaft is penetrating, it remains in that state and doesn't reset if you move away.

So this lead to some bugs that I'm aware of but didn't have time to fix.  Hopefully this next week I will be able to polish the rest of the code off and get it working completely.

In other news - I have a big publicity event that I'm planning for the end of the Offbeatr campaign.  I will be entering in the Lundum Dare competition (make a game in 48 hours) and will be planning on making the FIRST adult game ever in the history of the event.

Don't expect it to be fancy, it will likely end up being bare-minimal.  Now for those of you who aren't familiar with the competition, it's a pretty big event... and I checked the rules and there is nothing against what I'm planning on doing.  (although I will be sure to throw up a disclaimer on the game and entry section for underage people)  In order to get ready for the event I've scheduled to have those days off work.  This will coincide with the final days of the Offbeatr campaign so I'm hoping it will give some kind of boost.

Last thing before I go.  It turns out my artist who I paid $65 for a commission is...  well.... I'm not really sure.  The deadline that was given to me was it would be finished on the 8th, and I said the latest it ABSOLUTELY needed to be done was the 15th (today).  I've been messaging the artist back and forth and from what I'm aware of, no progress on the artwork has been made.  The artist is claiming that she had other projects to work on, and... many in real life problems that were getting in the way.  I told her that I would expect a refund, and it's been a week and still no word back from her after I sent that message...  So I think I'm going to have to file a report on paypal with screenshots of deadlines, details, in the hopes that I can get my money back from them.  I'm still not sure if it was just a scam or what... but meh.  Not much else I can do about it.               

(edit - I finally got a refund but she was really malicious about it...)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

[Released] SQ - Ver_0.21

Get the .love version here - Seduction Quest
Or the .exe version here - Seduction Quest

  • [I]nteract with NPC
  • NPC hostility.  Neutral/Friendly = Lowercase, Hostile = Uppercase.
  • Gram'mar Fun-ctions!
  • Shift + Numpad to snap your FoV in that direction
  • Diagonal movement (with numpad or regular numbers)
  • Anatomy limbs & parts: head, arm, leg, torso, butt, penis, vulva, breast, horn, tail, halo. 
  • Anatomy template for humanoid
  • Anatomy parts for genders  (male & female)
  • Anatomy parts for demon, fairy, angel (horns, wings, halo)
  • Methods for anatomy: can_suck, can_lick, can_penetrate, can_engulf, can_kiss, can_touch, can_bind
  • States for anatomy: is_penetrating, orifice_penetrated, is_orifice, is_shaft, is_erect
  • Gender Icons
  • Moon cycles & Sun Icons
  • Zodiac signs for months
  • Image icons when viewing terrain
  • "Credits" to current version and all previous versions
  • Icons for items
  • Event coloring (instead of coloring a few words the entire event is colored)
  • Items are no longer all categorized under the "%" symbol
  • The default textures.  Letters uppercase/lowercase should be more "distinct" now
  • Reorganized files for graphics
  • Player icon is now @ symbol
  • Made days x4 longer
  • Rope [R]estrain is now working.  There is a chance of success.  Enemies can break free from restraints.
  • Crafting system now has a min & max item limit to a recipe.  (ie. instead of crafting a potion using 4 herbs, you can now use 2-4)
  • [S]tatus will have a huge overhaul in the next update.
  • NPC attacking.  This is tied to the status overhaul and anatomy update. (and is temporary)
  • Some typos
  • Crafting bug with names
  • Drop bug
  • Wet crafting method

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Almost there!

The Offbeatr campaign has been going smoothly.  Seduction Quest is very close to reaching the full amount of votes needed before the project becomes live.  I want to thank everyone for their support so far!  I've gotten a lot of feedback both on this blog and on the SQ Offbeatr page about what things people are interested to see in the game.  Needless to say, I will try my best to not disappoint.  :)

In other news, I finished my taxes about two weeks ago so I should be getting a return very soon.  (if I don't get audited... )  The money I get back will be used to buy an art commission for SQ that will be quite risque if it turns out how I envision it.  I won't spoil the theme here, but expect me to be sharing it once it is finished in a week or two.   

A couple of other miscellaneous things. 

Ver 0.21 is coming along smoothly.  I was hoping to have it finished before the project goes live, but given how fast votes are coming in, I don't think that will be possible.  ETA is 5-7 days.  Maybe sooner depending on my jobs in real life.  Wanted to share some progress so far,

Restraints In Action

Awww yea baby!  Oral sex!  ;P

Change of graphics - and player is now "@" symbol

A couple of comments on the above.  No, it's not just oral sex that's being added.  I'm organizing anatomy into methods of which [body part] can perform [action].  Body parts with "orifices" can be 'penetrated' with body parts that have "impale" enabled.  It's pretty basic right now, but I should have it fleshed out and ready to go soon. 

Other thing - graphics.  New icons to keep track of sun/moon cycles and the zodiac month symbols.  (and yes - This will be important to certain NPCs and events in game, ie. vampires, realms to other worlds opening only at certain times, etc.)  As you probably noticed in the last image, there is quite a few new tiles added... well sorta.  Quick explanation, I was adding all sprites/ascii into one .png file before and I was going to be running out of room soon so before it became a problem I cleaned it up, and broke down the graphics into multiple .pngs.  The end result is going to save me a lot of trouble referencing tiles in the code in the future, saving time and preventing frustration.  (and bugs!)

Reference of tiles/ASCII

All letters will be NPCs.
----Lowercase = Friendly/Neutral
----Uppercase = Hostile

All symbols on the keyboard will be items.  (Note - this list will likely change)
\  /                       - Weapons
<  >                   - Sex Items/Weapons
[   ]                      - Spell Books
(  )                       - Shield
{ }                      - Tools
%                        - Food
*                         - Material
&                        - Clothing/Armor
.  (period)           - Ring
,  (comma)         - Bracelet
" (quotes)           - Earrings
'  (apostrophe)    - Necklace     
~                         - Restraint
!                          - Potions
$                         - Gold

More stuff to be added later...

Misc ASCII symbols will be terrain, which I'm selecting from this list.

I did want to point out something interesting that happened in a discussion with someone on IRC a few days ago.  I was talking with someone about what would be a good way to pick items for symbols that are just rotated 180 degrees.  These symbols here ( )  [ ] { } \ / < >  One idea that was reached - make some of the items hand dependent.   (left-handed sword, right-handed dildo)  Which doesn't make ANY sense, but for strategy purposes may or may not be interesting.  Also accounted for ambidextrous by using the following -  \ | /   < ^ >   ( 0 )  {⌀} 

Another thought was to use it for BUC status.  (which isn't something I've completely decided I want in the game just  yet) 

Or just use it for extra item storage.  Here is an example there are 18 colors in SQ (excluding B&W), so say we are talking about weapons, you give a color to each weapon, dagger - blue, mace - red, pike - green, etc. etc.  Now because you have two symbols  - \  /  You can make that list to 36.  (18 colors for /   and 18 colors for \  )

Or maybe just avoid the extra character entirely... 

Going to bed now, just checked and there are 10 votes left until project becomes live.  Woot Woot!   Super excited!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

[Done] Redesign Blog

Yesterday I was hacking away at html code in an attempt to salvage some stuff from the website for the blog layout.  For the next hour or so, you will notice quite a few changes to the blog and website as I attempt to synch the designs together.  Some of the links/urls may not work until this is complete. 

(edit - The news post I put in the site that I mentioned before, I moved to the previous blog-post instead.  I decided I'm not going to be using the sites announcement section for updates, the layout looked wacky, people couldn't post comments, and a bunch of other problems.  So this blog isn't going anywhere anytime soon.)


Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Site/Forum - Comments about v0.2 & Offbeatr Crowdfunding

Hey everyone!

Been setting this up and polishing it up the past few days.  I've gotten quite a few comments about how terrible the old blog looked, so this has been on my to-do list and I finally had some time to work on getting it accomplished.

Alright so some new things!  Ver 0.2 was released, and I didn't get a chance to type a lengthy post about it, in part because I was getting this new site setup.  Soooo - lemme give a quick rundown of some things worth mentioning.

Items - After tinkering with the crafting system the past couple of weeks, I've determined on these properties for items so far.  (not 100% complete)

  • Weapon
  • Armor
  • Food
  • Tool
  • Arousal
  • Potion
  • Magic
  • Rope/Restraint
What does this mean exactly?  Well, the way I want objects to be treated in the game is to be able to have an assortment of properties.  For instance, later on when you anoint weapons with potions they will carry over potion effects to their attacks.  Another example - a shield will be able to be used to attack and have the weapon property while still retaining it's armor property.  In the case of sex items, such as a whip - It will have the Weapon & Arousal properties enabled.  

Ultimately this boils down to a system where an object can be a number of things.  I do want to balance it out so that objects that try to have too many properties at once receive a penalty.

One idea that I had while I was coding the crafting system, was that depending on the race, there will be things in the anatomy that can be used as items with properties.

Tails  - Restraint, Weapon, Arousal
Tentacles - Food, Weapon, Potion, Restraint
Scales - Armor, Magic
etc. etc. And I made a list of possible items that can be scavenged from the terrain in it's current state...

    -- plants give:  fabric, string, wool, ingredients for potions, liquids, scents,
    -- trees give:  wood, splinters, fruit, sticks, branches, leaves, bark,
    -- mountains give:  ore, pebble, stone, flint, ice, snow,
    -- rock give:  pebble, stone, fossil, flint
    -- sand dunes give:  ???

I do plan to include out-of-this-world "fantasy" items, but I don't want to go overboard with it. 

Oh, and SQ now has a Offbeatr Crowdfunding page going!  It can be found here, 

Offbeatr Crowdfunding for Seduction Quest

It's basically a sex-only version of Kickstarter. (which doesn't allow adult content on it's site)  One of my earlier blog posts on SQ I mentioned I attempted to secure a loan, which was unsuccessful...  If the crowdfunding campaign is successful, I will be working on SQ full-time for a year if my basic goal is met. ($7,000) And if it's not, then I will keep working on SQ in my spare time and have it built in a few years. Regardless of what happens, the game is going to get made - it's just a matter of time. If the Offbeatr goal is met, it happens sooner than later. 

That's all the news for now.  Thanks for reading! 

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Quick Patch - Ver 0.201

Nothing major, just a quick patch.

Get the .love version here - Seduction Quest
Or the .exe version here - Seduction Quest

  • Fixed a crashing bug when you use [D]rop 
  • Added GUI stuff to [A]ttack
  • Added GUI stuff to [I]nteract
  • Added README.txt to DL folder
  • Added VERSION.txt to DL folder

Monday, February 25, 2013

[Released] SQ - Ver_0.2

Get the .love version here - Seduction Quest
Or the .exe version here - Seduction Quest

  • Fixed the function to check a recipe for an item and reorganized the data a bit.  Should be a lot less work to add recipes for items now.
  • [M]agic - Can no longer be selected as an option from the game menu.  (it was accessible but did nothing, won't be a while before this gets implemented)
  • Now offering executable file support for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  Instead of having to fiddle around with installing love, just run the Seduction Quest.exe.
  • NPC now drop herbs instead of potions.
  • Rope - Can be used to restrain an enemy or to construct other items.  The quality of the material & weight will affect how long an enemy will be restrained.  Pending...
  • [D]rop - You can now drop items from your inventory.
  • Item menu - Still a work-in-progress.
  • Potions - Can be made from herbs and other items.  
  • Potions currently have 7 properties - vitality, reason, health, pleasure, mobility, power, and addiction.  (the last two properties do not result in any effects just yet)
  • Reason ~ Positive effect - will result in increased concentration (bonus to hit %) | Negative effect - will result in delirium, causing the player to stall actions or move uncontrollably  
  • Health ~ Positive effect - heal damage | Negative effect - inflict damage
  • Pleasure ~ Positive effect - inflict arousal damage | Negative effect - heal arousal damage 
  • Mobility ~ Positive effect - increased movement speed | Negative effect - paralysis
  • Vitality ~ Positive effect - increase Field of View | Negative effect - decrease Field of View
  • Effects can stack on one another.  (ie. a single potion can have +Pleasure, -Health, -Reason or some type of combo)
  • Bell_Curve formula is used when you scavenge from terrain, to determine weight, and quality of properties.  (good properties/qualities are rare) 
  • Smell - You can now smell a potion to determine it's properties.  Health is lime, Vitality is orange, Reason is yellow, Power is red, Pleasure is pink, Mobility is blue.  For now there are only two text flavors for smell and it's based on whether the property is good or bad.  (hint hint - descriptions such as, bitter, feminine, == negative effects)
  • Potions are at a capped limit.
  • Potions names are not randomized... there is a pattern.  The name is determined by three things: How many properties are there in a potion?  What is the potency of the strongest property?  Is potency of the second strongest property in the same range as the first?  Thus name parts such as "unstable", "murky", imply the potion has many different properties.  While if you get a solid name, "healing", "strength" then that property is more potent than the others (if any), and names such as "extreme", "minor", "normal" labels the strength of the potency.  Basically like this - ("Potion of Extreme Healing will be healing a good chunk of health, while a "Murky Potion of Minor Healing" will be healing a small bit of health with other sideffects.)
  • Later on with the way potions are coded, other items will be able to include potion effects, so you can drug/poison food, weapons, and other objects.  
  • Book effects.  After thinking about this for a while, I'm disabling this until the magic system is ready.
  • Weapons - Combat system still needs a lot of tweaking.
  • Event text that wrapped text strangely and overlapped other text is now fixed.  (It was two bugs combined into one which made it difficult to pinpoint) 
  • Items will now display correctly for crafting/pickup/view/equipment once the item threshold has been reached and will be printed on the next page(s).
  • Crafting text bug, instead of "a [item]", it is now "your [item]".
  • The selection/deselection of items during crafting wasn't working correctly under certain circumstances, now fixed.
  • Another bug involving the crafting system, where the first item in inventory was selected even when you picked a different item is squashed.
  • Crafting now removes the items from inventory on successful recipe completion.
  • After exiting to the main menu from new game, the sections for "options" and "how to play" display correctly now.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

[Released] SQ - Ver_0.199

I'm heading off to work right now.  When I get back there are still a few bugs that need to be fixed but release should happen tonight soon if all goes as planned.


(edit - sorry guys!  Delaying this until tonight or tomorrow until I get this working right.  The bugs involved are pretty gamebreaking...)

(edit2 - like two minutes ago I just had a "Eureka!" moment!  One future game mechanic that I mentioned before that would be tricky to implement was the result of ejaculation/arousal build up and combing it with a damage/physical combat system.  I hadn't come to any solutions on how to mix the two together until just this moment while bug-fixing.

So the physical combat system as of now, is more of an HP system for your major body parts, limbs, torso, head, while the groin takes arousal damage. So here is the idea - after multiple ejaculations you start to lose real HP due to bodily fluid loss that becomes so severe it affects your health!

Hell yes!!!  (just like in MGQ)

So in order to totally lose the game as in being defeated/killed you have to reach the HP damage threshold, BUT - BUT BUT BUT!  Ejaculations will result in negative consequences, and status effects, either making your combat stats worse, or some kind of other penalties, before taking actually HP damage.  Thoughts?  On a scale of 1/10 on how much I like this idea ~  it's definitely a 10.

Anyway, I need to get back to these bugs.  I don't know if I will have it finished by tonight or not but we will see...)

(edit3 - Alright so I decided to release what I have so far, although it's still not finished so I'm not labeling it Ver 0.20 but Ver 0.199 instead because it's still missing some vital parts that I haven't finished...

 Seduction Quest Ver_0.199

  • [P]ickup - Now need to scroll over the item(s) and press num to pick up.
  • [I]nteract - No longer activates held items.  See additions below.
  • Cursor when selecting something now can only scroll over visible areas.
  • Removed items activation due to recode of item system. (temporary)

  • [W]ait - Self explanatory and long overdue. 
  • [C]raft - New crafting system!  Uses tools, materials, and methods to create a new item.  Once item is crafted it will drop at the players/NPC's feet.
  • [I]nteract - Now used to scavenge the terrain for materials.  Press [I] twice to use, and select a terrain that isn't a period, the number four, or an apostrophe.  
  • Terrain - Now will become barren of resources after being scavenged too much.
  • [E]equipment - Used to display current inventory.  Will be used in next version to activate and equip items.
  • Recipes - Utilized by the crafting system to create objects.  Only two recipes available right now, but more will be added soon!  (hint - you spawn with the materials to craft both recipes)
  • Tools - Only one to pick from at the moment - "hands", but the craft system is going to allow for more tools to be added easily.

[Known Bugs]
  •  Event text bug that wraps text strangely and overlaps other text.
  • Items displaying weirdly when listed for pickup/view/equipment/crafting.
  • Scavenging supplies from terrain, will become barren even if no items are scavenged. 
  • Need GUI button after pressing [A]ttack or [I]nteract to show what to do next.
  • Game crashes when player is near edge of map due to NPC movement when one is in the vicinity.

  • Shortcut to pick up stacks of items.
  • Display weight, potency, properties of items in the [E]quipment menu.
  • More recipes, tools, methods.
  • More items to scavenge from terrain.
  • Add a few craft recipes involving sex items. 
  • Enable item use for next version.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

SQ - Ver_0.199 Deadline

A couple of big things have happened since the last update causing this next release to be delayed significantly that I just wanted to explain:

  • New part-time job
  • Programming projects for Christmas gifts
  • Christmas itself
  • New Years
  • Sick for a week and a half

Meh.  It has been a busy month for me, and let's just leave it at that.  

Now with all that stuff over the aim is to have the next version out on the 22nd, dubbed the "Official Deadline".  Ver 0.20 will have a new item system, as mentioned before in my last post.  Players will be able to craft different items, but first you will need to gather and scavenge raw material from the environment.  Depending on the location, the player will be provided with different options and resources available at his/her disposal.  Some of the more hard-to-get resources will provide much better properties when crafting items.     

There will be various crafting methods to choose from and the techniques will need to be applied with different tools to obtain a desired item.  When skills are added in a later version they will affect the chance of success when crafting.  Ideally this will apply to NPC's as well, but more information on that later.

Items will be given properties, and those properties will determine how they can be used.  For now now I'm focusing on getting the basic one's put in, eating, drinking, throwing, etc.  Additionally the framework of the code should allow some very interesting properties mixed together when I get around to adding more materials to choose from.  (ie. a material, "demon matter" from a demon realm that makes weapons an edible aphrodisiac, just one idea of how it could be applied)   

A description generator is being put into the code so that items will become different from one another based on the materials you try to add or the design you pick.  The more material/supplies/crafting put towards an item the better its properties will become and the richer detail the description of the item will be.  If it's a basic item, a stick for instance, the description won't be much different from another stick, but if it's say a ruby encrusted flail with studded bits of metal on the end and multiple were crafted the descriptions will be vastly different from one another. 

Another feature in the works is giving items durability and having that system setup, although this may not get finished in time for this next update.

After the 22nd I will be looking into getting some web-hosting for a new site and forum.  That might take a day or two to setup but that should result in a more professional appearance for SQ.  With all the above said, it's time for a few progress-so-far screenshots!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Upcoming stuff

Hope you all had a Good Christmas and a good New Year's!

In the latest news, still not quite finished with the next update.  I've been taking time to change how items are created, instead of the current ~ defeat NPC ~ pickup item system.  Aiming to be able for the player and NPC to gather resources from the world and then combine/craft the raw parts into items of use or whatever nefarious purpose you have in mind.

I've sketched out a blueprint of the framework and I've only got portions of it built so far.  Nothing worthy of screenshots yet, but soon!  Ideally you should be able to make things like, a dildo sword hilt crafted from wood...   Also the way items are used is going to change.  Using a potion of "x", will give you a list of options, "[S]mell, [D]rink, [E]xamine, [T]hrow", and this will work the same with other objects but different options depending on the item type.  (ie. food - [E]at, weapon - [S]harpen, armor - [R]epair, vibrator - [A]ttach to )

I'm actually totally geeked to get this finished.  I think once it's done, the SQ will have a lot more depth to it.  I should have some screenshots up in a few days, at the very least.    =)