Sunday, April 28, 2013

"non est super"

Alright so the campaign is over.  We didn't make our goal, but at this point it's not a big surprise.  One thing that I will point out is that Offbeatr succeeded in getting SQ more exposure, so that's a plus.  The title of this post, "non est super" reflects the direction of this project now.  It is Latin for - "it's not over".  Progress will continue! Porn will be made!!! 

Meanwhile, this morning I came down with a nasty stomach bug that left me bedridden all day.  (asleep for the most part)  I'm just now feeling better, and working on some late night coding.  This week's progress: a few shortcuts for tasks coded in, designed the [I]nteract to account for patterns/random patterns, and overhauled the event & pending_event system to be more robust.  When I was testing and messing around with random patterns, I accidentally jizzed into a Valkyrie's left eye, which made me lol. 

OH - that reminds me!

There is an unintended bug from the interact system where you can select yourself.  This essentially means the player and NPCs can masturbate if they choose so.  Although, I do need to tinker with some of the wording so it doesn't sound as awful.   

At this point I don't think there is enough stuff worthy of an update, so I'm putting a release on hold.  I don't have much work these coming week so that leaves me with more time to code.

Two last things before I go.

I'm going to be flip-flopping the aimed goals I set on Offbeatr.  Instead of working on the "Hero" mode first, I'm going to be trying to get a little bit of everything in. (Mixed mode)  Initially I wanted to do Mixed mode as the basic goal, but it would have meant I would have to dilute my efforts amongst all goals.  (ie. 26 monster classes - 10 male - 10 female - 6 futa or something like that)  Setting my stretch goals based on the modes, in my opinion, was a more "complete" stretch goal.  The alternative was to do - strech goal "x" = +10 more NPCs!  The modes themselves seemed more catchy and complete, but in doing so, it may have alienated some of the audience.  So those were the pros and cons I weighed when deciding.  Since it's over, I'm not obliged to go in any order.  I will say though that a lot more stuff needs to be done before adding another NPC, so it may be a while until then.

The other thing is this:

(this time it was intentional!)

It's getting late... I'm going to chug some NyQuil, and head to bed.  Thanks everyone for all your support and patience!


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Weekend Agenda

Alright so if you have been keeping track of the Offbeatr progress, you've probably noticed that the growth has been pretty stagnate.  We are down to 3 days left and still only 20% reached.  I'm a bit surprised because I thought by this point the funding would be close (if not well-over) to being reached.  I thought the goal was reasonable, the idea appealing, and the development timeline I gave would have allowed many features to be coded in but...

The reality is that I don't think it's going to succeed.

Even though I've been holding my breath for the past two week waiting to see the pledges skyrocket, its not happened.  I'm not sure to chalk this up to bad-luck or what.  But as I said before.

The game still gets made!  (just not as fast)

So with that bad news out of the way, it's time to move forward.

I said earlier that I was planning on entering the LD competition and had scheduled days off work for that weekend.  It turns out, I'm not going to be entering in after all.  Instead I've decided to reallocate that time off work to further develop the next update for SQ to give it more quality.  

As I said in the previous comments of the last post, right now NPCs target parts and perform actions completely at random.  I'm going to be changing that, but before I do, I need to experiment with a system for arousal buildup, pleasure level, and some indicator to show how close the character is to orgasm.  More on that later.

Expect another post in the coming day or two with more details.  (and maybe some screenshots!)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Comments on last release and future plans

Just a few things I have to say on the last release really quick.

There were some unfinished features that were being worked on that were not added due to time constraints.  They were cut due to bugginess for some, and for others because completing them would have pushed the release back much further than I wanted.  The good news is that a hefty chunk of the code for these features is mostly made and designed, and if all goes well, I will try to throw out another release this coming week.  Some of these features included:

  • Limp/Erect Penis based on arousal state  (erect state - allowing you to penetrate)
  • Can_squirt method for ejaculation (later on for female orgasms too)
  • Part state for becoming covered in semen
  • Restrained mode during sex under certain circumstances (ie - succubus binding the player with her pussy while it's being penetrated)
  • Parts having contents - (lips -> mouth ->  throat)  (butt -> anus -> rectum)
  • Methods having sub-methods - (can_bind -> wrap, release, tighten, loosen) (can_penetrate -> impale, thrust, remove)
  • Selecting a method (while keeping the target, part) or target (keeping the method, part) or part (keeping the method, target) if possible, and additional having a random selection above.  (m - to change method keep the rest same, or M - to randomly select method and keep the rest same)
There are also some bugs I'm aware of, but I didn't find any major ones that caused the game to crash when I was testing.

Oh and I guess I should give a quick rundown on the new interaction system.  This is mostly how it's broken up into:

You have your methods - can_penetrate, can_touch, can_bind, can_engulf, can_suck, can_kiss

There is a reference for what parts can use what methods, which right now is:

            vulva = {can_engulf = true, can_bind = true,},
            mouth = {can_engulf = true, can_suck = true,},
            lips = {can_kiss = true,},
            penis = {can_penetrate = false, can_squirt = false,},   -- note the penis is limp by default
            finger = {can_penetrate = true, can_touch = true,},
            hand = {can_touch = true,},
            tounge = {can_penetrate = true, can_touch = true,},

Some methods have specific states they can only be used on:

            can_penetrate = "is_orifice",
            can_engulf = "is_shaft",

Some methods have a specific state that enables or disables them:  (otherwise it assumes they can be used)

        -- if neither when_disabled or when_enabled then always active
        when_disabled = { -- when you CANNOT use method
            can_penetrate = {all = "is_penetrating",},
            can_kiss = {lips = "orifice_penetrated",},
            can_engulf = {all = "orifice_penetrated",},
            can_bind = {all = "is_binding",},
        when_enabled = { -- when you CAN ONLY use the method
            can_suck = {mouth = "orifice_penetrated",},
            can_penetrate = {penis = "is_erect",},
            can_bind = {vulva = "orifice_penetrated",},

And to use a method on a target part you need to check if it has a state that will disable your method:
            when_disabled = {    -- when target state DISABLES method
                can_penetrate = {all = "orifice_penetrated",},
                can_engulf = {all = "is_penetrating", penis = "is_limp"},

Some methods when used will cause a state change:

            can_penetrate = {self = "is_penetrating", target = "orifice_penetrated",},
            can_engulf = {self = "orifice_penetrated", target = "is_penetrating",},
            can_bind = {self = "is_restraining", target = "is_restrained",},
            --can_squirt = {target = "covered_in_sperm",},  (removed for later)

This all translates into a bunch of on/off switches for methods and states that determines what can be used when, how, and the result.

Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to add in remove/eject functions so that once once a orifice is penetrated, or a shaft is penetrating, it remains in that state and doesn't reset if you move away.

So this lead to some bugs that I'm aware of but didn't have time to fix.  Hopefully this next week I will be able to polish the rest of the code off and get it working completely.

In other news - I have a big publicity event that I'm planning for the end of the Offbeatr campaign.  I will be entering in the Lundum Dare competition (make a game in 48 hours) and will be planning on making the FIRST adult game ever in the history of the event.

Don't expect it to be fancy, it will likely end up being bare-minimal.  Now for those of you who aren't familiar with the competition, it's a pretty big event... and I checked the rules and there is nothing against what I'm planning on doing.  (although I will be sure to throw up a disclaimer on the game and entry section for underage people)  In order to get ready for the event I've scheduled to have those days off work.  This will coincide with the final days of the Offbeatr campaign so I'm hoping it will give some kind of boost.

Last thing before I go.  It turns out my artist who I paid $65 for a commission is...  well.... I'm not really sure.  The deadline that was given to me was it would be finished on the 8th, and I said the latest it ABSOLUTELY needed to be done was the 15th (today).  I've been messaging the artist back and forth and from what I'm aware of, no progress on the artwork has been made.  The artist is claiming that she had other projects to work on, and... many in real life problems that were getting in the way.  I told her that I would expect a refund, and it's been a week and still no word back from her after I sent that message...  So I think I'm going to have to file a report on paypal with screenshots of deadlines, details, in the hopes that I can get my money back from them.  I'm still not sure if it was just a scam or what... but meh.  Not much else I can do about it.               

(edit - I finally got a refund but she was really malicious about it...)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

[Released] SQ - Ver_0.21

Get the .love version here - Seduction Quest
Or the .exe version here - Seduction Quest

  • [I]nteract with NPC
  • NPC hostility.  Neutral/Friendly = Lowercase, Hostile = Uppercase.
  • Gram'mar Fun-ctions!
  • Shift + Numpad to snap your FoV in that direction
  • Diagonal movement (with numpad or regular numbers)
  • Anatomy limbs & parts: head, arm, leg, torso, butt, penis, vulva, breast, horn, tail, halo. 
  • Anatomy template for humanoid
  • Anatomy parts for genders  (male & female)
  • Anatomy parts for demon, fairy, angel (horns, wings, halo)
  • Methods for anatomy: can_suck, can_lick, can_penetrate, can_engulf, can_kiss, can_touch, can_bind
  • States for anatomy: is_penetrating, orifice_penetrated, is_orifice, is_shaft, is_erect
  • Gender Icons
  • Moon cycles & Sun Icons
  • Zodiac signs for months
  • Image icons when viewing terrain
  • "Credits" to current version and all previous versions
  • Icons for items
  • Event coloring (instead of coloring a few words the entire event is colored)
  • Items are no longer all categorized under the "%" symbol
  • The default textures.  Letters uppercase/lowercase should be more "distinct" now
  • Reorganized files for graphics
  • Player icon is now @ symbol
  • Made days x4 longer
  • Rope [R]estrain is now working.  There is a chance of success.  Enemies can break free from restraints.
  • Crafting system now has a min & max item limit to a recipe.  (ie. instead of crafting a potion using 4 herbs, you can now use 2-4)
  • [S]tatus will have a huge overhaul in the next update.
  • NPC attacking.  This is tied to the status overhaul and anatomy update. (and is temporary)
  • Some typos
  • Crafting bug with names
  • Drop bug
  • Wet crafting method