Wednesday, October 31, 2012

[Released] SQ - Ver_0.12

Happy Halloween!


Seduction Quest - Ver 0.121

Six New Monster Girls

Yuki-Ona, Snow Fairy  (spawn in cold regions)
Alraune, Dryad  (spawn in grassy regions)
Basilisk Woman, (spawn in desert)
Valkryie (spawn anywhere)

Three New Items

Book of Shadows

New Buttons

Use [P]  to pickup items off the floor.
Use [I] to interact with the item you have.
Use [A] to go in the attack mode, and then select a target then press [A] again.

New Menu Option

When you start a new game, there is a new menu, "World Gen", let's you use custom seeds for maps and play with the size & scale.  (although it's recommended that you don't set the size too high, otherwise the game will freeze for a minute while it generates the map)
Here are some quick screenshots!

~Some spoilers~
  •  To get candy - defeat some monster girls.  Using it will act as a healing item.
  • There are two ways to acquire a sword.  Only one monster drops it, or use a Book of Shadows.
  • One monster will always drop a Book of Shadows, but only during a certain moon phase...
  • Using a Book of Shadows can result in one of two effects...         
(edit - WHOOPS!  The game was packaged incorrectly.  One of my folders for my files was, 'Libs' and I referenced it in the code as 'libs', the case sensitivity mattered after I packaged it, not while I was testing it!  Sorry!  Should be fixed now...)

Ver 0.12 TBR in 16 hours. (aka Halloween Update)

 Hey guys!

I expect to finish the update sometime around 6 p.m. in my timezone. (15 hours from now)  This coming update feels like it has a little more stuff in it than the last one, which is a plus.  Still some bugs popping up though.  Some were really bad, (game-breaking) and others were minor.  Managed to find and fix the worst ones, although I didn't have time for all of them.

News about the loan.  I went to my local bank and talked with my banker.  Told them what I wanted and gave details about my current financial situation and I was told to check back a few days later. The result? - Denied.  My credit was good, but the problem was that my income amount wasn't enough to meet the debt to disposable income requirement %.  I'm not too thrilled about it.  There are still other options available, but most of them are pretty unstable.  Some of the other loan routes that my banker suggested were to possibly go to one of those "EAZY MONEY" loan places, but expect to be charged a ridiculous interest.  That is going to be a last resort, if at all.  Something else I'm going to try and see how it goes - working miscellaneous one time jobs on Craigslist.  Combine this with additional shifts from my current job, and a cut in my food budget, should work out ok.  I'm hoping that will get me through December at least.

Additional stuff.  Received some feedback about the current layout I'm using for this blog.  After this update, I plan on revamping the design.  It was already something I was planning on doing later that I never quite got to.

If I don't throw  a deadline on something, I know much won't get done, but if I do, I need to make sure there is a reasonable amount of time available.  Deadlines in general are good and bad.  Good because they make you work faster.  Bad because then you rush to slap everything together and just barely get it in a working state in time.  Finding the right balance for deadlines in this project is something I'm tinkering with so bear with me.   

Future stuff.  I feel like I really need to release more H-content.  (because right now there is almost none)  As I've said in the past, the framework for the game is still being built, but I'm getting closer and closer to where the framework is stable enough to easily add more content.  Ideally, I want Ver 0.13 to be a big push for H-content + some other small stuff.  Once that's out of the way, then Ver 0.14 will be a purely aesthetics update.  (start menu will actually have a logo, small start-up video, and music.)  During game I need to find the correct song to loop over and over that will fit the theme well...

And then once those updates are out, then Ver 0.2 will be next with some big features expected!!! 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Info on loan and Ver 0.12

Alright so here's the scoop.

I will be finding out whether my loan gets approved by tomorrow or not.  If it does, then great!  I can continue working on this project for a few months with a lot of effort.  If it doesn't then... well.  I'm going to have to find a find another part time job or quit my current one and get a full time job.  That will mean that the time available at my disposal on this will be severely limited.  I anticipate that updates would come in the form of every 2 weeks or more if that happens, instead of just every few days to a week.

With that being said.  Here are my goals for Ver 0.12

Customize Terrain Generation (via the "New Game" --> "[W]  orld Generation" Menu)
  • Enter custom seeds ("Random Seed", "M0nst3r Gir1s", etc.) or use random one
  • Scale the biome sizes
  • Determine map size
  • (This too possibly, Display Map, if you like it, then proceed, if not, reset)
  • Enemies that are beaten will be colored red and upon viewing will have a "defeated" status
  • Defeated enemies will no longer be active
  • Add color to events of certain types  (ex. The Succubus attacks your left arm!  Your left arm is disabled!)
  • New event that displays when your limb/part has sustained enough damage that it becomes disabled
  • Change wording of "is" to "are" after plural things  ("Your eyes are ok", instead of, "Your eyes is ok.")
  • Add the six new NPC's (that were mentioned before)
  • NPC's spawn in their relative biomes
  • Update NPC AI so that they stay in their biomes
  • (Possibly, different attacks for NPC's)
  • Add a few basic items (one healing, 1-2 weapons, one miscellaneous)
  • Items will affect your weight, thus affecting your speed

That's what's being aimed for.  I have to work at my part time job consecutively for the next few days so progress will be a tad slow.  Also, working from home is too much of a distraction so I've picked a public location where I can work on this project that suits the needs for privacy, a free electrical supply, and quiet area.  Hoping to have Ver 0.12 out within a week. 

For Ver 0.13, I want to work on adding trees, flowers, rocks, and other landscape to the terrain.  Then make ones that should be solid, (ex. trees) not be passable. After that, I really want to add raycasting to the players field of view.  (you won't be able to see past trees, etc.)  Then some work on descriptions for things.  (NPC's, items, terrain, etc.)

Let's see... what else to mention?  I threw up a thread on the LÖVE2D forums about this project, and the response was much better than I expected.  Received a lot of support on how to code certain elements that has already proved useful.  I'm really glad I didn't get banned though, heh.  Thought it might happen... but thankfully it didn't!  ;)  I think I'm the first person to make a game like this, using LÖVE, so I was a bit nervous posting it up on the forum.  The forum thread I made is here, if you want to see for yourself.

LÖVE2D Seduction Quest Thread      

And if you want to put the LÖVE2D game engine to some use, here are a bunch of free games you can play that were made by people using LÖVE.

LÖVE Games


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

[Released] SQ - Ver_0.11

Here it is!

Seduction Quest - Ver 0.11

A few things added.

Basic terrain generation. (with color!)
Status check your limbs for damage.  Via -> S -> Pick 1-7 (#8 doesn't work yet)
Succubus attack different body areas.  (upper, lower, middle)
You can attack using a -> and then a again, but it's a bit bugged, and unfinished.

I can across a major bug when I changed the terrain generation.  It was causing the NPC actions some grief and it kept crashing.  Still not sure why it was happening, but I removed certain elements and it is fine for now.


I had a few ideas recently for some stuff.  For terrain biomes, I was thinking of three factors,

1. Temperature Level
2. (insert another variable)
3. Ero Level

The first two would work something like this. (taken from Minecraft biomes)

Except I'm not planning on using rainfall to determine which biome is generated.  Something else that I need to think of.  As for #3, the Ero Level, this will determine the biome/area's strength in terms of number of monsters, the strength of monsters, and some really cool things.

High Ero Level, would mean biomes like,  
"The Forest of Seduction", "The Debaucherous Ice Mountain", "Impure Desert", etc. etc.

While a Low Ero Level would be the reverse,
"Immaculate Forest", "The Virgin Ice Pillar", "Desert of Chastity", and so forth. 

Anyway.  So yup.  I'm going to throw up a few pictures of what the terrain generation looks like now.  It's honestly ten times better than before.

Monday, October 22, 2012


SQ Ver 0.11 will be out in a few hours.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Next Update and a few things.

Alright so I want to release the next update by tomorrow night, although it might get pushed back to Monday depending on how tired I feel after work.

Here's what should be ready.

  • Terrain generation.
  • Health system displaying properly and updating when attacked.
  • Being able to attack enemies. 
  • And maybe some other stuff if I have time. 

 Ideally, I'm trying to make this game something that people can play, even if they have no interest in the hentai part of it.  Solid gameplay is what I'm aiming for so that people won't get bored an hour after playing...

Here is a list of what's being planned on the future off the top of my head.  (more stuff to be added and this list may get revised)

  • -- Test demo. 
  • -- Basic items.
  • -- Few NPC's.
  • -- Make working formulas for stats and attributes.
  • -- Basic combat.
  • -- Event system.
  • -- Basic terrain generation.
  • -- Basic AI.
  • -- Basic random descriptions for NPC's, items, terrain, attacks.
  • -- Some basic verbs, swim, jump, etc.

  • -- Z-levels. (towers, dungeons, etc.)
  • -- Ray-casting for player.  (maybe enemies too?)
  • -- Sense system included in battle calculations.  (taste, touch, smell, vision, sound)
  • -- Save/Load.
  • -- More items.
  • -- More NPC's. 
  • -- NPC damage system.
  • -- Advanced biomes.  (DF had temp, sea level, evil, neutral, good, something similar to that)   
  • -- More verbs, read, throw, climb, etc.
  • -- Improve AI.
  • -- Improve random descriptions.

  • -- Improve biome generation.
  • -- Add villages for humans and certain monsters.
  • -- Social encounters system. 
  • -- Trade system.
  • -- More items.
  • -- More NPC's. 
  • -- Improve AI.
  • -- Improve random descriptions.

  • -- Special boss monsters.
  • -- Add special time events.  (eclipses, and other events do certain things)
  • -- Add AI tactics.  (in groups, attacks, etc.)
  • -- Improve random descriptions.

  • -- Final touches. 
  • -- Optimize code.
  • -- Heroine mode.
  • -- Improve random descriptions. 

One last thing I wanted to add.  I've followed dev blogs on many different games.  I notice that some developers have a really good game or concept, but they keep coding it as a hobby. (making the development extremely slow and the features lacking)  Not all of them do this, just some, and I think in part, it's because of a lack of confidence in the project.  There is a fear that it might not be successful, and it's a financial risk. 

Well... fuck that!  Risk or not, I'm going for it.  This coming Monday I'm going to start visiting banks in an attempt to secure a $2000 loan to work on this for a guaranteed three months.  I'm not saying this project will be finished that soon.  I'm hoping it will be developed enough by that point that I could do something like Notch did with Minecraft.  Some kind of price model where buying it early gets a steep discount on the anticipated final price. 

My current financial situation is this.

Living expenses per month: $0900 - $1000
Single part time job (10-20 hrs a week): $0400 - $0300
Anticipated cost needed per month: $0500 - $0700

3 months of funding: $2000

Of course, when I go to the bank asking for the loan, I'm going to need to come up with a good excuse for the money...  heh.  I don't think they would respond kindly if I said, "It's for a porn game I want to develop." 

=P  I will let you know how it goes! 


Thursday, October 18, 2012

[Released] SQ - Ver_0.10 Demo

I didn't get everything that I wanted in, but I've delayed this long enough.

First, you need to download and install this.  LOVE2D
It's the game engine I'm using to code SQ.  (most people seem to use RPGMaker though)

Then just download and run this.

Seduction Quest - Ver 0.1

Here is a list of the stuff of what I planned to have before launch.



Terrain generation for biomes
Color for biomes
Generate items/loot


V - View function.  Examine terrain, items, characters

E - Equipment function.  Take off and equip items. 
W - Wait function.  Time progresses while you do nothing.


- spawn different types in biomes
- have a field of view
- drop loot, attack player, different attacks

- six types of monsters
- ICE:  Yuki-Ona, Snow Fairy  (spawn in cold regions)
- GRE: Alraune, Dryad  (spawn in grassy regions)
- DES: Basilisk Woman, (spawn in desert)
- NEU: Valkryie (spawn anywhere)


- time progresses
- 1 day/night = one moon phase
- one day == 20,000 ticks (you can travel 400- 650 blocks in a day, roughly 3-4 biomes)
- travel 300 blocks ish = 1 day
- max speed = 30-50 go 500 blocks
- perform x action = time_progress(x_action) compare to other NPC's actions.


- health system working

- health menu display
- magic menu display


- damage system against enemies
- some functioning spells


- things to heal
- items have weight

[Event System]

- attack event

- day change event
- moon phase event
- equipting items event

- attack miss event

[Main Menu]
- music

-- optional (if there is time)
- traits
- randomly generate the ascii image
- add the LOVE2D logo/animation
- add logo
- add credits

The end result?  Maybe half of that.  I got so boggled down in the terrain generation, and I still didn't finish it.  It's not ready so I ended up cutting it out.  Here are some screenshots though of what it looks like,

Blue = ICE and ARCTIC regions.
Green = GRASS and FOREST regions.
Yellow = DESERT region.

Lots of desert and ice.

 Lots of forest and desert.

 A little bit of all three.

 Zoomed out the size a bit.

Do you spot the recurring problem?  It all flows vertically.  The grass, ice, desert doesn't cross horizontally, and I know why it's happening.  I've been trying to experiment with a couple of solutions and should have it fixed soon...  Once that's done, I can start going through the other stuff that I need to finish.

Feedback on the demo would be appreciated.  I understand right now, it's more a proof of concept than anything.  It's in a test-able state, not a play-able one.  I'm hoping once I have that list of things done, playability should be existent.  (bare minimum)  Then after I crunch through the rest of the framework, I can start adding more items, monsters, special stuff to make it more interesting.

heh.  :)

One last thing.




(edit:  Be aware there is a bug after you go -> New Game -> Proceed, it tries to generate water/lakes outside of the map causing the game to crash.  It only happens like once every ten times it's run.  Just restart the game again.  I should have that fixed next update, which should be in a few days with other stuff. (hopefully the terrain biome generation fixed and ready!)  )

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Demo will be up tommorrow

Yup.  Stay tuned!  :)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Cause and Effect

I was working late tonight.  Much later then usual...

I felt like I was untangling a thick knot that didn't seem to end.  Initially I was trying to get the text for events to display in the text box at the bottom for the last screenshots I threw up.  I had in mind something like this,

[] - Darkness has fallen.
[] - You dash off in the East direction.
[] - You are attacked by a Succubus!
etc. etc.

Before I could get to this part, (and I still haven't) I needed to actually setup the progress of time and events for the game.  Moving, performing actions, and the sorts all result in some kind of turn action, or at least that's how it works in most games.  I see some games make it so that any action translates into one turn.  Whether you are doing something that should be taking a long time to do, such as sleeping or eating, is the same as a minor task like taking an item out of a container, or attacking.  I'm not a big fan of those type of time systems.

The idea I had was to make it so that each action will progress time differently, they all won't be lumped together in one turn, or 2 turn sequences.  The actions themselves will be timed differently each time you perform it. (but it can be more precise if you increase a certain attribute)  Here was along the lines I was thinking.

Run with no weight  = 30 time passed (top speed)
Run with some weight = 40 time passed (fast speed)
Run with a lot of weight = 60 time passed (slow speed)
Run with overload = 120 time passed (super slow speed)

Now to explain what I said the last paragraph.  So let's say you run with no weight.  The fastest you can perform the task is 30 time passed.  I'm thinking I will make all actions randomly select the fastest time and 20% of that and RNG it each time.  For instance, 30 * 20% = 36

So running with no weight can take anywhere from 30-36 time.

Or like this,

Run with no weight  = 30-36 time passed (top speed)
Run with some weight = 40-48 time passed (fast speed)
Run with a lot of weight = 60-72 time passed (slow speed)
Run with overload = 120-142 time passed (super slow speed)

Then I thought, hmmmm.... what else does it need?  I know!  Attribute dependent factors to make it a more complex.  I managed to whip up a few good formulas that I feel satisfied with.  Speed is dependent on the weight of the items you're carrying, and the lower the level of certain stats means the weight will be more severe on your speed.

After finishing the math part, I needed to setup another menu selection to pick the attributes.  I went overboard and tried to pimp it out.  Definitely liking the layout of it after I finished it a few hours ago though.  :)         

Another thing, I ran into a nasty bug that kept doubling CPU usage over time.  After leaving it running for 30 seconds, my computer froze pretty bad.  I got to the root of it though, so it's fixed and won't happen again. 

So summary,

Make a time system
^Make it more complex
^^Attach attributes to time system  [In process]
^^^Play with Math [Done]
^^^^ Kill Bugs [Done]
^^^^^Make a new game menu to select stats [Done]

Here is the Result

Also, I should mention during tonight's programming binge, I nearly somewhat spilled on my keyboard the yolk from an egg, sandwiched between a bagel, that I made for a late night snack.  LOL.