Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Comments on last release and future plans

Just a few things I have to say on the last release really quick.

There were some unfinished features that were being worked on that were not added due to time constraints.  They were cut due to bugginess for some, and for others because completing them would have pushed the release back much further than I wanted.  The good news is that a hefty chunk of the code for these features is mostly made and designed, and if all goes well, I will try to throw out another release this coming week.  Some of these features included:

  • Limp/Erect Penis based on arousal state  (erect state - allowing you to penetrate)
  • Can_squirt method for ejaculation (later on for female orgasms too)
  • Part state for becoming covered in semen
  • Restrained mode during sex under certain circumstances (ie - succubus binding the player with her pussy while it's being penetrated)
  • Parts having contents - (lips -> mouth ->  throat)  (butt -> anus -> rectum)
  • Methods having sub-methods - (can_bind -> wrap, release, tighten, loosen) (can_penetrate -> impale, thrust, remove)
  • Selecting a method (while keeping the target, part) or target (keeping the method, part) or part (keeping the method, target) if possible, and additional having a random selection above.  (m - to change method keep the rest same, or M - to randomly select method and keep the rest same)
There are also some bugs I'm aware of, but I didn't find any major ones that caused the game to crash when I was testing.

Oh and I guess I should give a quick rundown on the new interaction system.  This is mostly how it's broken up into:

You have your methods - can_penetrate, can_touch, can_bind, can_engulf, can_suck, can_kiss

There is a reference for what parts can use what methods, which right now is:

            vulva = {can_engulf = true, can_bind = true,},
            mouth = {can_engulf = true, can_suck = true,},
            lips = {can_kiss = true,},
            penis = {can_penetrate = false, can_squirt = false,},   -- note the penis is limp by default
            finger = {can_penetrate = true, can_touch = true,},
            hand = {can_touch = true,},
            tounge = {can_penetrate = true, can_touch = true,},

Some methods have specific states they can only be used on:

            can_penetrate = "is_orifice",
            can_engulf = "is_shaft",

Some methods have a specific state that enables or disables them:  (otherwise it assumes they can be used)

        -- if neither when_disabled or when_enabled then always active
        when_disabled = { -- when you CANNOT use method
            can_penetrate = {all = "is_penetrating",},
            can_kiss = {lips = "orifice_penetrated",},
            can_engulf = {all = "orifice_penetrated",},
            can_bind = {all = "is_binding",},
        when_enabled = { -- when you CAN ONLY use the method
            can_suck = {mouth = "orifice_penetrated",},
            can_penetrate = {penis = "is_erect",},
            can_bind = {vulva = "orifice_penetrated",},

And to use a method on a target part you need to check if it has a state that will disable your method:
            when_disabled = {    -- when target state DISABLES method
                can_penetrate = {all = "orifice_penetrated",},
                can_engulf = {all = "is_penetrating", penis = "is_limp"},

Some methods when used will cause a state change:

            can_penetrate = {self = "is_penetrating", target = "orifice_penetrated",},
            can_engulf = {self = "orifice_penetrated", target = "is_penetrating",},
            can_bind = {self = "is_restraining", target = "is_restrained",},
            --can_squirt = {target = "covered_in_sperm",},  (removed for later)

This all translates into a bunch of on/off switches for methods and states that determines what can be used when, how, and the result.

Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to add in remove/eject functions so that once once a orifice is penetrated, or a shaft is penetrating, it remains in that state and doesn't reset if you move away.

So this lead to some bugs that I'm aware of but didn't have time to fix.  Hopefully this next week I will be able to polish the rest of the code off and get it working completely.

In other news - I have a big publicity event that I'm planning for the end of the Offbeatr campaign.  I will be entering in the Lundum Dare competition (make a game in 48 hours) and will be planning on making the FIRST adult game ever in the history of the event.

Don't expect it to be fancy, it will likely end up being bare-minimal.  Now for those of you who aren't familiar with the competition, it's a pretty big event... and I checked the rules and there is nothing against what I'm planning on doing.  (although I will be sure to throw up a disclaimer on the game and entry section for underage people)  In order to get ready for the event I've scheduled to have those days off work.  This will coincide with the final days of the Offbeatr campaign so I'm hoping it will give some kind of boost.

Last thing before I go.  It turns out my artist who I paid $65 for a commission is...  well.... I'm not really sure.  The deadline that was given to me was it would be finished on the 8th, and I said the latest it ABSOLUTELY needed to be done was the 15th (today).  I've been messaging the artist back and forth and from what I'm aware of, no progress on the artwork has been made.  The artist is claiming that she had other projects to work on, and... many in real life problems that were getting in the way.  I told her that I would expect a refund, and it's been a week and still no word back from her after I sent that message...  So I think I'm going to have to file a report on paypal with screenshots of deadlines, details, in the hopes that I can get my money back from them.  I'm still not sure if it was just a scam or what... but meh.  Not much else I can do about it.               

(edit - I finally got a refund but she was really malicious about it...)


  1. I wouldn't worry about the artist too much, but hopefully that works out. Flexible Survival does well with text only.

    Good luck with Lundum Dare, this game looks promising!

  2. The new frameworks seem like a pretty great place for further dev. I noticed that monsters seem to flip back and forth between actions seemingly at random (they'll be sucking you off, then suddenly stop and start licking your toes). Do you have any plans to add a sort of 'progression' to monster girl's behavior?

    Other than that, great stuff. It's cool watching this game evolve :)

    1. The random selection is a temporary thing. A targeting system based on the NPC's favored sexual preference (and players actions/likes will determine it to some extent) will be added later.

      Basically something along the lines of giving NPC's tags for which actions they will prefer is what I'm leaning towards.


      Cat_woman NPC would get tags like [likes_titfucks][likes_giving_handjobs][dislikes_oral_sex][masochist]

      And then sexual encounter would play out from there, depending on if it turns out good (she's happy) then maybe she will be willing to do stuff she doesn't like, but if you make her mad then she might just do things you dislike, or make the sex terrible. (or if she's a vore monster she just might devour you)

      And progression - in terms of building up arousal is ABSOLUTELY planned. (1. flirting 2. foreplay 3. hora hora 4. orgasm 5. rinse-wash-repeat)


      In fact I'm going to be putting up a blog post on it soon.