Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Upcoming stuff

Hope you all had a Good Christmas and a good New Year's!

In the latest news, still not quite finished with the next update.  I've been taking time to change how items are created, instead of the current ~ defeat NPC ~ pickup item system.  Aiming to be able for the player and NPC to gather resources from the world and then combine/craft the raw parts into items of use or whatever nefarious purpose you have in mind.

I've sketched out a blueprint of the framework and I've only got portions of it built so far.  Nothing worthy of screenshots yet, but soon!  Ideally you should be able to make things like, a dildo sword hilt crafted from wood...   Also the way items are used is going to change.  Using a potion of "x", will give you a list of options, "[S]mell, [D]rink, [E]xamine, [T]hrow", and this will work the same with other objects but different options depending on the item type.  (ie. food - [E]at, weapon - [S]harpen, armor - [R]epair, vibrator - [A]ttach to )

I'm actually totally geeked to get this finished.  I think once it's done, the SQ will have a lot more depth to it.  I should have some screenshots up in a few days, at the very least.    =)

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