Sunday, April 7, 2013

[Released] SQ - Ver_0.21

Get the .love version here - Seduction Quest
Or the .exe version here - Seduction Quest

  • [I]nteract with NPC
  • NPC hostility.  Neutral/Friendly = Lowercase, Hostile = Uppercase.
  • Gram'mar Fun-ctions!
  • Shift + Numpad to snap your FoV in that direction
  • Diagonal movement (with numpad or regular numbers)
  • Anatomy limbs & parts: head, arm, leg, torso, butt, penis, vulva, breast, horn, tail, halo. 
  • Anatomy template for humanoid
  • Anatomy parts for genders  (male & female)
  • Anatomy parts for demon, fairy, angel (horns, wings, halo)
  • Methods for anatomy: can_suck, can_lick, can_penetrate, can_engulf, can_kiss, can_touch, can_bind
  • States for anatomy: is_penetrating, orifice_penetrated, is_orifice, is_shaft, is_erect
  • Gender Icons
  • Moon cycles & Sun Icons
  • Zodiac signs for months
  • Image icons when viewing terrain
  • "Credits" to current version and all previous versions
  • Icons for items
  • Event coloring (instead of coloring a few words the entire event is colored)
  • Items are no longer all categorized under the "%" symbol
  • The default textures.  Letters uppercase/lowercase should be more "distinct" now
  • Reorganized files for graphics
  • Player icon is now @ symbol
  • Made days x4 longer
  • Rope [R]estrain is now working.  There is a chance of success.  Enemies can break free from restraints.
  • Crafting system now has a min & max item limit to a recipe.  (ie. instead of crafting a potion using 4 herbs, you can now use 2-4)
  • [S]tatus will have a huge overhaul in the next update.
  • NPC attacking.  This is tied to the status overhaul and anatomy update. (and is temporary)
  • Some typos
  • Crafting bug with names
  • Drop bug
  • Wet crafting method

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