Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Status Report

Ho, Ho, Ho, from the Master Porn Coder - ala Codex

Just a few things to report on my end.  I'm planning on throwing up a teaser video of some of the new things already made in a few weeks and provide a little bit of commentary as well.  Other than that, I've been working on getting familiar with loveframes and installing it into SQ.  This has resulted in a more advanced button layout. (ones you can click or [k]eypress)  Additionally adding a full-screen mode to the game which has been overdue.

Other major feature that I've had my mind on for a long time is the ability to save your game, map, and all NPCs.  Experimenting with using Tiled to get it done, but we'll see!

At my jobs IRL right now, the holiday season has pushed me to near overtime.  One or two weeks after Christmas and I should be back on my normal schedule and progress updates can resume.  Sorry I haven't been that active with my reports, there just hasn't been a lot of free time to use towards this.

And as for what everyone's been asking for on the comments: deadlines, Deadlines, DEADLINES!?  hahahah?  I've been thinking about that too for a while.  I'm leaning towards implementing something along the lines of what Project Zomboid did a while back when they had a major release.  Write a list of features/stuff that are left and mark them off when they are complete.  This way people get an idea on progress and a status report of what's left.  Going to make that checklist and introduce it with the pending video on the next blog update.

Until then fellas have a great Christmas!


  1. I have to say as someone who only became aware of this project recently that sort of feature list would be very helpful to see where the project is currently and where it is heading. While the mission statement and the previous news entries are useful, a more concise list would be in my opinion a very useful tool.

  2. I downloaded the game but I'm not sure what to do, so far the only thing I encountered to do was finding random creatures, fondle their third finger and cum on their wrist. I'm not sure if I'm missing something, there is no dialogue, and I didn't find any indicators that would let me grasp the 'progress' of the H-act, just encounter an npc spam some random commands to get the same back endlessly.
    I know it's not a finished project, but am I missing something?

  3. Considering that the last build he uploaded dates all the way back to last April, it's missing a lot of features and content. So all I can tell you is to just be patience and wait for a more complete public build.

  4. No updates since December...Is this project dead?

  5. Is this dead?! NOOOOO!

  6. Damn shame. Damn shame, indeed...

  7. And so, he was never heard from again.

  8. Lol, and I only just heard about it.