Monday, February 25, 2013

[Released] SQ - Ver_0.2

Get the .love version here - Seduction Quest
Or the .exe version here - Seduction Quest

  • Fixed the function to check a recipe for an item and reorganized the data a bit.  Should be a lot less work to add recipes for items now.
  • [M]agic - Can no longer be selected as an option from the game menu.  (it was accessible but did nothing, won't be a while before this gets implemented)
  • Now offering executable file support for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  Instead of having to fiddle around with installing love, just run the Seduction Quest.exe.
  • NPC now drop herbs instead of potions.
  • Rope - Can be used to restrain an enemy or to construct other items.  The quality of the material & weight will affect how long an enemy will be restrained.  Pending...
  • [D]rop - You can now drop items from your inventory.
  • Item menu - Still a work-in-progress.
  • Potions - Can be made from herbs and other items.  
  • Potions currently have 7 properties - vitality, reason, health, pleasure, mobility, power, and addiction.  (the last two properties do not result in any effects just yet)
  • Reason ~ Positive effect - will result in increased concentration (bonus to hit %) | Negative effect - will result in delirium, causing the player to stall actions or move uncontrollably  
  • Health ~ Positive effect - heal damage | Negative effect - inflict damage
  • Pleasure ~ Positive effect - inflict arousal damage | Negative effect - heal arousal damage 
  • Mobility ~ Positive effect - increased movement speed | Negative effect - paralysis
  • Vitality ~ Positive effect - increase Field of View | Negative effect - decrease Field of View
  • Effects can stack on one another.  (ie. a single potion can have +Pleasure, -Health, -Reason or some type of combo)
  • Bell_Curve formula is used when you scavenge from terrain, to determine weight, and quality of properties.  (good properties/qualities are rare) 
  • Smell - You can now smell a potion to determine it's properties.  Health is lime, Vitality is orange, Reason is yellow, Power is red, Pleasure is pink, Mobility is blue.  For now there are only two text flavors for smell and it's based on whether the property is good or bad.  (hint hint - descriptions such as, bitter, feminine, == negative effects)
  • Potions are at a capped limit.
  • Potions names are not randomized... there is a pattern.  The name is determined by three things: How many properties are there in a potion?  What is the potency of the strongest property?  Is potency of the second strongest property in the same range as the first?  Thus name parts such as "unstable", "murky", imply the potion has many different properties.  While if you get a solid name, "healing", "strength" then that property is more potent than the others (if any), and names such as "extreme", "minor", "normal" labels the strength of the potency.  Basically like this - ("Potion of Extreme Healing will be healing a good chunk of health, while a "Murky Potion of Minor Healing" will be healing a small bit of health with other sideffects.)
  • Later on with the way potions are coded, other items will be able to include potion effects, so you can drug/poison food, weapons, and other objects.  
  • Book effects.  After thinking about this for a while, I'm disabling this until the magic system is ready.
  • Weapons - Combat system still needs a lot of tweaking.
  • Event text that wrapped text strangely and overlapped other text is now fixed.  (It was two bugs combined into one which made it difficult to pinpoint) 
  • Items will now display correctly for crafting/pickup/view/equipment once the item threshold has been reached and will be printed on the next page(s).
  • Crafting text bug, instead of "a [item]", it is now "your [item]".
  • The selection/deselection of items during crafting wasn't working correctly under certain circumstances, now fixed.
  • Another bug involving the crafting system, where the first item in inventory was selected even when you picked a different item is squashed.
  • Crafting now removes the items from inventory on successful recipe completion.
  • After exiting to the main menu from new game, the sections for "options" and "how to play" display correctly now.


  1. "The quality of the material & weight will affect how long an enemy will be restrained."
    Should consider applying some sort of skill or stat to that, as well, in my opinion.

    1. Already ahead of you.

      I was actually planning on making the "strength" skill related to escaping from restraints. It was going to be the first stat working in the game, but I pulled it because it needed a few more things added to it. It should be in an upcoming version. (if not the next one)