Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sneak Peak At New Arousal System

Alright so first off let me say that the below is taken from a bunch of scribbled notes on .txt files scattered in my work folder for SQ.  It's an outline for how the arousal combat is shaping up to be.  The values given are not nailed down.  They will likely change before it gets fully implemented.  The concepts are whats important.  Cooldown, Desire_lvls, Hora & Ero attacks. (aka arousal, pleasure attacks) are how interactions will turn into.  Also interesting little thing I learned about roguelikes is:

Iron Sword - (+1, 1d6)   
Wooden Shield - [+2, +0]    

The symbol for a weapon is (, while a symbol for a shield is [.  It always seemed like a weapon should have been the \  or / symbol. (looks more like a sword)  And shields should have been an = symbol or something...  But it makes sense now!  So the new symbols to represent our arousal items/attacks/defense will be:

|arousal attack|
<arousal defense>

The rest of the details are below.

---Overview of Sexual System---

Broken down into 3 systems: 

Hora - Measure of physical arousal to orgasm
Ero - Pleasure damage taken
Desire - Characters current sexual mindstate


Hora is essentially a reverse HP system that starts out 0.  Hora will increase when attacked with hora attacks.  When the max hora limit is reached - orgasm happens. 

To start off -                Hora 00/25
After a few hora attacks -    Hora 15/25
When it reaches orgasm -      Hora 27/25


Desire is a state system.  Progression is as follows: 
Dull -> Aroused -> Lustful -> Enthralled     (Desire lvls 0-3)

Desire_lvl thresholds will be set according to stats:
Aroused =     4+(willpower/2)
Lustful =     8+(willpower/2)
Enthralled = 12+(willpower/2)

To decrease a desire_lvl the thresholds would need to be less than:
Aroused =      (4+(willpower/2))/2
Lustful =      (8+(willpower/2))/2
Enthralled =  (12+(willpower/2))/2

Desire_lvl is factored into dice rolls for Hora and Ero, and their cooldowns.  Desire current value is determined by: {Partner(s) desire tags} + Ero/2

*Note* - {Partner(s) desire tags} would be based off of clothes, looks,  and fetish_modifiers.  Tags like:  {Volruptious Curves +2}, {Covered in latex +1}, {Tentacles -1}, {Virgin +2}

*2nd Note* - Pre-encounter desire level CAN be set before sexual attacks start to happen.  So characters can start off in the "Lustful" state (lvl 2) if enough {tags} are of their liking.


Ero is another reverse HP system.  It will increase when attacked with ero attacks.  Ero will be used to factor in special states/effects.  It also will determine potential for character to exit sexual encounter.


---The Sexual System Itself---

-Before Encounter-
Desire level is determined by {tags}. (ero/hora should be 0)

-During Encounter-
Certain actions such as removing clothing, seductive talk, flirting, build up Ero and modify {tags}.

More direct actions such as touching, intercourse, kissing, etc. build up arousal (mainly) & ero (minor) and modify {tags}.

On performing some actions - new ones will become unlocked, whilst others may be locked.  (ie. engulfing penis into vagina, will prevent penis from being stroked with hand, but inner vaginal muscles may be used)

Sexual Attacks/Items are assigned values traditional roguelike values
|+0, xdy+z| == |ero_value, hora_damage|
<+0, +0>    == <ero_resist, hora_resist>

So some examples might be:

lick    - |+1, 1d5|
caress  - |+3, 2d2|
squeeze - |+0, 1d4|
kiss    - |+3, 1d4|
pump    - |-2, 1d8|

Items would be:
Wodden Dildo - |+1, 1d6|
Penis Ring   - |+3, 1d4|
Chasity Belt - <+1, +2>
Boxers       - <+1, +0>
Briefs       - <+0, +1>

*Note* - a negative ero_value when attacking will incur a penalty to Ero & Hora damage.  (so some actions, ie. pumping dick will need bonuses like lube, covered_in_salvia, to avoid reducing ero/hora)

-Rolls and calculations-

Hora Attack = {x}d{y} + {z} - hora_resist
Ero Attack = 1d(ero_value + desire_lvl) - ero_resist

Hora & Ero both have cooldown rolls after each round of combat:

Hora = 1d7-desire_lvl
Ero  = 1d(desire_lvl)+1

---Experience System---

Constant use of Ero/Hora attacks and sexual items will add a leveling up bonus to attacking with them.

lvls           1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10

hora          +0 +1 +2 +2 +2 +3 +4 +4 +4 +6
ero            +1 +1 +1 +1 +2 +2 +2 +2 +4 +6
boredom   +0 +0 +0 +1 +1 +1 +1 +2 +2 +2

*Note* - All attacks suffer a ero/hora penalty when overused.  Boredom lessens the penalty received.

---Misc Stuff---

Certain Monster races will have access to special attacks.
Certain races will be better at some things than others.
Certain genders will be given compensation for lack of available parts.  (ie. males can't really use boobs, so +bonus to using hand attacks... or something like that)

That's pretty much it.  As always any feedback is always appreciated, good or bad!  Some of the numbers/dice_rolls need to be heavily tweaked, as I have yet to test this system yet.  And of course expect more stuff to be added once the basics are setup.  I planned on posting some screenshots of the fetish menu, but I haven't gotten around to it just yet.

Also does anyone happen to know if dropbox links are affected from being disconnected online?  I heard a rumor a while back that it relies on the host being connected to the internet... (or for a certain period of time)   

Last thing before I go - new patch for MGQ3 is out!  Those vampires... daaaamn!  Hot stuff.  And a few of the angels are pretty awesome too!  There are always a few monsters in the game where I sincerely do NOT want to lose to though.  Luckily it looks like part 3 has A LOT more humanoid looking monsters than part 2, which is a plus for me.

Though, I do hope SQ will one day become as highly regarded as MGQ, even though the games are vastly different.  MGQ has such a heavy focus on story-telling, character development, the plot, which is really more of a RPG.  SQ?  Not really an RPG, but a hybrid of Dwarf Fortress & Nethack mechanics/styles, but MGQ themed.  If that deserves to be an entirely new category itself then it wouldn't surprise me. 

But I gotta run guys!  Typing these blog posts up takes a lot longer than I always expect. 

Best of horas!  <333

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Update on the update

Hey everyone,

I've been without internet the past month (only iPhone) and I'm now in a free wifi area (without people nearby) so I thought I would drop a post here.

Not having online access hasn't interfered with my coding progress very much.  Other than referencing the Love2D wiki and a few other minor resources, most of what I need can be done offline. 

Though I should admit, I did recently take a break from coding to finish another project for a gaming community I'm apart of.  It took about two weeks to design a new map for a sandbox space sim game called Space Station 13. (commonly referred to as SS13)  It's a kick-ass game that is like an online Dwarf Fortress, but in space and with multiplayer.  Many crazy scenarios and interactions will play out that make the game so much different from any online game.  The community that I'm apart of (before my internet went to shit) had just opened a second server, and I volunteered to build a new map for it.  It took about two weeks but it's finished.

With the map done, focus on SQ is back to full throttle.

Currently a huge amount of code is being refactored.  Basically, everything.  I plan to put up the game's code on github with the next update, and I want to make sure it's on par with coding standards.  Some of this is code cleanup (ie. making the code readable by other people) and some of it is overhauling certain mechanics/elements of the game, such as items, NPCs, terrain, etc.

This next release will be SQ ver 0.3 both for how long it's been in development and the new content that is in the works.  New things will include:  Fetish Menu for character creation, New items, New Sex Items (that you can use with the [I]nteract), Terrain Overhaul, New NPCs, and some bonus content that I won't reveal just yet.

Now the Fetish Menu I will show off a screenshot later in the week but, I'm planning on using icons from and I think they will fit perfectly for what I need.
This menu will be in the world creation and have a list (with images) of all the different fetishes in game that you can select either as repulsion or arousal.  You start with 0 points and are neutral to all fetishes.  You acquire more points by selecting fetishes you are aroused by, and you can spend points to select fetishes you are repulsed by.

Some fetishes will be more common than others in the game world, so to offset this I plan to make the rarer fetishes give a higher bonus.  So something like 'boobs' fetish would be quite common, might yield a +- 25% bonus, where the 'vampire' fetish might be more uncommon and yield a +- 75% bonus.  Or you could just be a total slut and enable all fetishes to arousal... ;)  (I'm thinking about giving a special ability, or special item for doing so)

Anyway that's all the major news.  Hopefully once the game is up on github some of the coders who displayed interest in PMs might contribute some code if they want.  And as for an ETA on release, I'm aiming for a month for now.  Depending on how many snags I hit along the way, this could be extended.