Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bits and Pieces

Hello everyone, just going to give a quick update on progress.

--Refactoring the Code--

Got a lot of the big chunks taken care of.  Now I need to tackle the little things and stitch it all together.  Once this is done (and it's not too far from being finished) it all gets thrown up on github which is like the facebook of coding.  This as I said before should serve two main-purposes:

  1. More people can get involved in the coding if they want. (including making mods)
  2. Less of a headache to add stuff once this is finished.
Both should result in faster progress.

--Finalizing the New Arousal System--

I've been comparing the new arousal system to other roguelike systems out in the market.  And I've mixed some elements into it that should make the arousal system more robust.  New things are:

Critical hits - Double damage
Eroticism - Bonus damage
Skill - Success in preventing targets cooldown

And I've renamed some of the old elements so that it's now:

Arousal - Measures how close to orgaism (formally Hora)
Pleasure - Measure of ectasy character is feeling (formally Ero)
Titillation - Increases duration of use, before boredom penalty (formally boredom)

So we have 6 fields total that do completely different things.  I think this should be enough depth to the system without it getting too complicated.  Some tweaks I've made overall:

Pleasure has a large cooldown, (ie. 3d3) but at a slower rate (every 3-5 turns)
Arousal has a small cooldown, (ie. 1d3) but at a faster rate (almost every turn)

Now, in normal roguelikes there is a chance to-hit, and if unsuccessful your character or the monster misses and does no damage.  For the arousal system, that doesn't make any sense.  Sexual attacks for SQ always hit.  Instead of a miss chance, if you make a sexual attack and the roll succeeds, the targets cooldown will be averted.  This is mainly measured by the skill trait, but will vary depending on other modifiers as well.

Some other interesting things I've toyed around with - counterattacks!  If you use your sexual parts against another characters sexual parts, then expect a damage and arousal penalty against yourself.  There will be a penalty to the counterattack's damage and arousal though, but it can still be dangerous if you pick the wrong target.  Allow me to illustrate:

Bob the Human vs Lyda the Kitsune 

Now if Bob uses his penis (selected part), and thrusts (selected method) into Lyda's mouth (selected target) it might be something like |+1, 2d4| <+0, 1d3>

Meaning Bob gets a +1 arousal and 2d4 pleasure roll against Lyda.
While Lyda gets a +0 arousal and 1d3 pleasure roll against Bob.  (as the counterattack)

How do we determine the counterattack values?  You reverse the order.  You find out what Lyda would get with - Her mouth (selected part) using oral (selected method) against Bob's penis (selected target)   Which would result in:  |+0, 2d3|  So the penalty was half.  (took away one dice)  and the counterattack wasn't that strong because Lyda isn't skilled in oral.

But if Bob were to target Lyda's fluffy tail, and assuming she is very skilled in tails-manship, the counterattack would be much stronger and Bob would be in trouble.

This counterattack quirk to the arousal system is going to allow simultaneous orgasm between both (or multiple) combatants.  Which is awesome! 

--Leveling Stuff--

Now let's tally the bits and pieces of this system together.

6 Fields (Arousal, Pleasure, Titillation, Crit, Skill, & Eroticism)
3 Components (Part selected, Target selected, Method used)
Additional Stuff (Num of Dice used, Arousal formula, Pleasure forumla, Rerolls, & Bonus to all dice)

The way it is setup now:

Method determines -  Num_of_dice, Arousal & Pleasure Forumla, Rerolls & Bonus to all dice
Part selected determines - Titilation, Arousal, Pleasure
Target selected determines - Skill, Crit, & Erotical

Now you may be wondering, what the fuck does this all mean?  Allow me to throw up another illustration.

In Bob and Lyda's oral example:

Method - Thrust
  • dice = 2
  • arousal = a*0.5
  • pleasure = p*0.5
  • rerolls = false
  • bonus_to_all = false

Part - Penis
  • Titillation = +1
  • Arousal = +2
  • Pleasure = +8
Target - Mouth
  • Skill = +1
  • Crit = 5%
  • Erotical = +0

Now in the case of leveling up the following will happen:

Method - more dice, better modifiers for arousal & pleasure formulas, rerolls, and bonus_to_all enabled.
Parts - Bonus points to Titillation, Arousal, Pleasure
Targets - Bonus points to Skill, Crit, and Erotical

I'm still moving some of these around, trying to figure out what works better and makes more sense so any input would be appreciated!  So the character can get better at using a method, skilled in using their own parts, and improve their ability to target parts.  Multiple separate systems to level up. 

I'm strongly leaning towards a small lvl up system like in nethack:  0-3 lvls, or 0-5 lvls, as opposed to a large 0-15 lvls, mainly because SQ's sexual combat system is broken into 3 components.  (and as a result 3 separate lvl'ing charts)

So it would be something like:


LVs            |00|01|02|03|
skill            -2 +0 +2 +4
crit             5% 5% 7% 10%
erotical       -1 +0 +1 +2

And before I go, just something really quick.  Critical hit will result in text/desc with either: Target moaning, or pre-cum appearing.  One will be for arousal, the other for pleasure.  Haven't decided which is which.

It's getting late and I need to catch some z's.

PS - I had a few people report that game.exe crashes before it even loads.  After some investigation on the love2d IRC, this appears to be a graphics card issue caused from love, and not SQ itself.  The love2d patch has already been issued to fix this, and I will be adding it to the next update so for anyone else with this bug please be patient until I release SQ ver 0.3!  

PSS - I got my internet back!  Woohoo!


  1. How long until we get the new release?

    1. I'm kinda wary of giving an exact ETA. The main reason is that every single week my spare time devoted to this project changes drastically. On one week I might get 20 hrs to put into programming, on another week I might only get 4 hrs. The best I can say is that the release is close, but not soon.

      It won't be months before it's finished, but I can say where I'm at now it would be really lucky if it is ready in a few weeks.

  2. Looking forward to this! Keep it up!

  3. moan = pleasure
    precum = arousal

    arousal and pleasure also make most sense on the target i think