Thursday, March 28, 2013

Almost there!

The Offbeatr campaign has been going smoothly.  Seduction Quest is very close to reaching the full amount of votes needed before the project becomes live.  I want to thank everyone for their support so far!  I've gotten a lot of feedback both on this blog and on the SQ Offbeatr page about what things people are interested to see in the game.  Needless to say, I will try my best to not disappoint.  :)

In other news, I finished my taxes about two weeks ago so I should be getting a return very soon.  (if I don't get audited... )  The money I get back will be used to buy an art commission for SQ that will be quite risque if it turns out how I envision it.  I won't spoil the theme here, but expect me to be sharing it once it is finished in a week or two.   

A couple of other miscellaneous things. 

Ver 0.21 is coming along smoothly.  I was hoping to have it finished before the project goes live, but given how fast votes are coming in, I don't think that will be possible.  ETA is 5-7 days.  Maybe sooner depending on my jobs in real life.  Wanted to share some progress so far,

Restraints In Action

Awww yea baby!  Oral sex!  ;P

Change of graphics - and player is now "@" symbol

A couple of comments on the above.  No, it's not just oral sex that's being added.  I'm organizing anatomy into methods of which [body part] can perform [action].  Body parts with "orifices" can be 'penetrated' with body parts that have "impale" enabled.  It's pretty basic right now, but I should have it fleshed out and ready to go soon. 

Other thing - graphics.  New icons to keep track of sun/moon cycles and the zodiac month symbols.  (and yes - This will be important to certain NPCs and events in game, ie. vampires, realms to other worlds opening only at certain times, etc.)  As you probably noticed in the last image, there is quite a few new tiles added... well sorta.  Quick explanation, I was adding all sprites/ascii into one .png file before and I was going to be running out of room soon so before it became a problem I cleaned it up, and broke down the graphics into multiple .pngs.  The end result is going to save me a lot of trouble referencing tiles in the code in the future, saving time and preventing frustration.  (and bugs!)

Reference of tiles/ASCII

All letters will be NPCs.
----Lowercase = Friendly/Neutral
----Uppercase = Hostile

All symbols on the keyboard will be items.  (Note - this list will likely change)
\  /                       - Weapons
<  >                   - Sex Items/Weapons
[   ]                      - Spell Books
(  )                       - Shield
{ }                      - Tools
%                        - Food
*                         - Material
&                        - Clothing/Armor
.  (period)           - Ring
,  (comma)         - Bracelet
" (quotes)           - Earrings
'  (apostrophe)    - Necklace     
~                         - Restraint
!                          - Potions
$                         - Gold

More stuff to be added later...

Misc ASCII symbols will be terrain, which I'm selecting from this list.

I did want to point out something interesting that happened in a discussion with someone on IRC a few days ago.  I was talking with someone about what would be a good way to pick items for symbols that are just rotated 180 degrees.  These symbols here ( )  [ ] { } \ / < >  One idea that was reached - make some of the items hand dependent.   (left-handed sword, right-handed dildo)  Which doesn't make ANY sense, but for strategy purposes may or may not be interesting.  Also accounted for ambidextrous by using the following -  \ | /   < ^ >   ( 0 )  {⌀} 

Another thought was to use it for BUC status.  (which isn't something I've completely decided I want in the game just  yet) 

Or just use it for extra item storage.  Here is an example there are 18 colors in SQ (excluding B&W), so say we are talking about weapons, you give a color to each weapon, dagger - blue, mace - red, pike - green, etc. etc.  Now because you have two symbols  - \  /  You can make that list to 36.  (18 colors for /   and 18 colors for \  )

Or maybe just avoid the extra character entirely... 

Going to bed now, just checked and there are 10 votes left until project becomes live.  Woot Woot!   Super excited!


  1. Uhm... the OffBeater profile says its live now (3.43 pm EST). Or at least that its got the 100%. What happens now?

    1. I suspect the Offbeatr staff needs to switch it to "live" because there was nothing on my end that let me do so. If I don't see any change by tonight, I will contact them and see what's up.

    2. Now it's in funding mode with everything at zero. It seems like its waiting for you to give it the OK

  2. Great to see progress!

    A suggestion for later down the line, if that's not on your mind already: it'd be neat to have somewhat randomized text for sex actions or other such interactions to put a little more life into things, as well as having the monsters say a few words during those actions perhaps.

    Mhh, IRC? Is there a channel or something?

    1. Yes - Randomized text is something I do plan to add. It should be added in one of the next updates. (not this coming one) Dialogue will be based off personality traits and what's happening. Won't be added until later.

      IRC - One hasn't been setup for SQ yet. First I need to finish the next update before I look into this. =P

  3. I hope the campaign succeeds!
    I will definitely be pledging some money to the game, as it seems very interesting, though it's unlikely i will actually play it much until the heroine/lesbian modes are added, due to personal preference.

    Also, i have a question about the "Futanari" bonus thing in the Heroine Mode stretch goal, is that a toggle that makes you into a futa or all enemies into futa?
    I assume enemies.

    1. Me too and thanks for the support!

      Futanari bonus - I can make it either, or have only "select" enemies toggeled as futa. It will be something I will add into the world-gen menu.

    2. Nice.

      That's pretty much all i wanted from that then.

      Thanks for the info!

  4. The game looks pretty awesome, and I'll pledge as soon as I get some spare cash =)

    Wanted to clarify something. Is it currently impossible to die or climax?

    1. Correct, although that should change soon though.