Wednesday, January 16, 2013

SQ - Ver_0.199 Deadline

A couple of big things have happened since the last update causing this next release to be delayed significantly that I just wanted to explain:

  • New part-time job
  • Programming projects for Christmas gifts
  • Christmas itself
  • New Years
  • Sick for a week and a half

Meh.  It has been a busy month for me, and let's just leave it at that.  

Now with all that stuff over the aim is to have the next version out on the 22nd, dubbed the "Official Deadline".  Ver 0.20 will have a new item system, as mentioned before in my last post.  Players will be able to craft different items, but first you will need to gather and scavenge raw material from the environment.  Depending on the location, the player will be provided with different options and resources available at his/her disposal.  Some of the more hard-to-get resources will provide much better properties when crafting items.     

There will be various crafting methods to choose from and the techniques will need to be applied with different tools to obtain a desired item.  When skills are added in a later version they will affect the chance of success when crafting.  Ideally this will apply to NPC's as well, but more information on that later.

Items will be given properties, and those properties will determine how they can be used.  For now now I'm focusing on getting the basic one's put in, eating, drinking, throwing, etc.  Additionally the framework of the code should allow some very interesting properties mixed together when I get around to adding more materials to choose from.  (ie. a material, "demon matter" from a demon realm that makes weapons an edible aphrodisiac, just one idea of how it could be applied)   

A description generator is being put into the code so that items will become different from one another based on the materials you try to add or the design you pick.  The more material/supplies/crafting put towards an item the better its properties will become and the richer detail the description of the item will be.  If it's a basic item, a stick for instance, the description won't be much different from another stick, but if it's say a ruby encrusted flail with studded bits of metal on the end and multiple were crafted the descriptions will be vastly different from one another. 

Another feature in the works is giving items durability and having that system setup, although this may not get finished in time for this next update.

After the 22nd I will be looking into getting some web-hosting for a new site and forum.  That might take a day or two to setup but that should result in a more professional appearance for SQ.  With all the above said, it's time for a few progress-so-far screenshots!

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