Monday, November 18, 2013

Laptop Repairs

Just a quick update on the computer situation.

Originally was planning on sending my laptop to a company and having it repaired around mid to late December.  But a week ago I talked with a friend about my computer problems and he referred me to a person I'm vaguely acquainted with, who repairs PCs/laptops (I just discovered) as a side job.  (And supposedly MUCH cheaper)

Going to get in contact with him tomorrow.  Hopefully I can have it fixed by the end of November!

As for updates with the game, nothing major.  Fetish menu is still being tweaked.  There are only a few MAJOR things I need to work on left, and then it's just weld all the code together.  I'm also thinking about following the same trend as Noxico and throwing up a feature poll of which things people want to see in the game first.  That should give me some idea of which direction to continue developing it towards.

Should I mention... I told my parents I was developing this game?  Soooo that was an... interesting conversation.  *shrug*  They were trying to be supportive, but the discussion was very indirect.  When certain subjects/topics were mentioned, I kinda had to keep the details vague.  Other than that, I thought it went pretty well!  :)

It's 3 am.  Need sleep, work in the morning!  I know this update is long overdue, but just hang in there a little longer guys!


(edit - WOW!  That was fast.  Laptop is now fixed. FUCK YEAH!)


  1. Hooray! Let the progress commence!

  2. Good luck and a good day... week, month you now what i mean ^ ^

  3. Looking forward to seeing updates.

  4. Anything new to report? Can't wait for the update