Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Laptop Dilema

So I've got some bad news...

My laptop has just been knocked out of commission.  See this thread for more info -

I'm Rocco (as forum alias) in that thread.  Right now I'm using my iPhone to type so I will keep this post short.  This is quite a big problem but the situation isn't hopeless!

I don't have a second PC to use, nor is the progress on SQ backed up to an external hardrive or online.      Before this update, I was actively posting updates every few weeks so the backup was done automatically through these intervals.

Now this does not mean all the coding data is lost... at least I hope not but can't say for sure.

The good news is that I'm fairly certain I can jimmy-rig some type of development system using misc. things.

What I'm planning on doing is to write code on paper, get it organized, take it to a public library, and convert the scribbled notes into a .lua file.  I just have to be careful with naming my variables... otherwise I will get kicked out of there for obvious reasons!

As far as bug-testing the files, I have a lua app on my phone (but never used) as one possible way, a better solution would be to find a volunteer on the löve2D forums who I can send code to.  I could also try to use the library's computer to run test versions of SQ, but that would be an insane risk!

Bottom line is - I'm sure I can whip something together, it's just not going to be as efficient as having my laptop working.  While I wait to see if I can recover the data, I'm going to be coding stuff that was on the bottom of my to-do-list.  (Terrain dungeon generation, AI, & a few other things.)

Will try and keep this updated as new info develops.

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