Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Status Report

Ho, Ho, Ho, from the Master Porn Coder - ala Codex

Just a few things to report on my end.  I'm planning on throwing up a teaser video of some of the new things already made in a few weeks and provide a little bit of commentary as well.  Other than that, I've been working on getting familiar with loveframes and installing it into SQ.  This has resulted in a more advanced button layout. (ones you can click or [k]eypress)  Additionally adding a full-screen mode to the game which has been overdue.

Other major feature that I've had my mind on for a long time is the ability to save your game, map, and all NPCs.  Experimenting with using Tiled to get it done, but we'll see!

At my jobs IRL right now, the holiday season has pushed me to near overtime.  One or two weeks after Christmas and I should be back on my normal schedule and progress updates can resume.  Sorry I haven't been that active with my reports, there just hasn't been a lot of free time to use towards this.

And as for what everyone's been asking for on the comments: deadlines, Deadlines, DEADLINES!?  hahahah?  I've been thinking about that too for a while.  I'm leaning towards implementing something along the lines of what Project Zomboid did a while back when they had a major release.  Write a list of features/stuff that are left and mark them off when they are complete.  This way people get an idea on progress and a status report of what's left.  Going to make that checklist and introduce it with the pending video on the next blog update.

Until then fellas have a great Christmas!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Laptop Repairs

Just a quick update on the computer situation.

Originally was planning on sending my laptop to a company and having it repaired around mid to late December.  But a week ago I talked with a friend about my computer problems and he referred me to a person I'm vaguely acquainted with, who repairs PCs/laptops (I just discovered) as a side job.  (And supposedly MUCH cheaper)

Going to get in contact with him tomorrow.  Hopefully I can have it fixed by the end of November!

As for updates with the game, nothing major.  Fetish menu is still being tweaked.  There are only a few MAJOR things I need to work on left, and then it's just weld all the code together.  I'm also thinking about following the same trend as Noxico and throwing up a feature poll of which things people want to see in the game first.  That should give me some idea of which direction to continue developing it towards.

Should I mention... I told my parents I was developing this game?  Soooo that was an... interesting conversation.  *shrug*  They were trying to be supportive, but the discussion was very indirect.  When certain subjects/topics were mentioned, I kinda had to keep the details vague.  Other than that, I thought it went pretty well!  :)

It's 3 am.  Need sleep, work in the morning!  I know this update is long overdue, but just hang in there a little longer guys!


(edit - WOW!  That was fast.  Laptop is now fixed. FUCK YEAH!)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Heredity is finished!

Just finished scribbling the last lines of code in my notebook.  Hellz ya!

Alright so the following is how it works:

Start of world - all mobs spawn with preconfigured genes (within a random choice)
Afterwards Mother Nature takes over.

If sex results in sperm and ovaries coming into contact, a check is made to determine if races are compatiable and if it's true then there is a chance for pregnancy (determined by race pregnant likelihood).  Afterwards then the first thing that is selected is the race of the offspring.  Depending on the parents (and their race genes) this will either result in a full breed, (double dom alleles) Dom breed (one Dom allele, one Rec allele) or a half half breed. (two Rec alleles)

Then parents each donate their genes to the offspring.  In some cases the parents won't be able to pass their genes along for some traits, and when that happens the gene pool for the race is consulted and used to fill in the blanks.

I did cut a few features that I had initially planned on but decided to leave for later.  Those were inheriting a transgender/nongender gene and gene mutations.  Right now transgender/nongender is pre-determined by the race.  And the mutations were for when certain traits become extinct, which shouldn't happen because the gene pool should replenish the traits into the population when parents are missing genes.  (kind of a hack, but it gets the job done)

So this worked out better than I thought.  I still feel like there are a few things I need to tweak and some bug testing that needs to be done.  Overall, I'm very satisfied though!

Going to work on polishing up the fetish menu, and then maybe AI behavior?  We shall see.