Thursday, October 17, 2013

Heredity is finished!

Just finished scribbling the last lines of code in my notebook.  Hellz ya!

Alright so the following is how it works:

Start of world - all mobs spawn with preconfigured genes (within a random choice)
Afterwards Mother Nature takes over.

If sex results in sperm and ovaries coming into contact, a check is made to determine if races are compatiable and if it's true then there is a chance for pregnancy (determined by race pregnant likelihood).  Afterwards then the first thing that is selected is the race of the offspring.  Depending on the parents (and their race genes) this will either result in a full breed, (double dom alleles) Dom breed (one Dom allele, one Rec allele) or a half half breed. (two Rec alleles)

Then parents each donate their genes to the offspring.  In some cases the parents won't be able to pass their genes along for some traits, and when that happens the gene pool for the race is consulted and used to fill in the blanks.

I did cut a few features that I had initially planned on but decided to leave for later.  Those were inheriting a transgender/nongender gene and gene mutations.  Right now transgender/nongender is pre-determined by the race.  And the mutations were for when certain traits become extinct, which shouldn't happen because the gene pool should replenish the traits into the population when parents are missing genes.  (kind of a hack, but it gets the job done)

So this worked out better than I thought.  I still feel like there are a few things I need to tweak and some bug testing that needs to be done.  Overall, I'm very satisfied though!

Going to work on polishing up the fetish menu, and then maybe AI behavior?  We shall see.


  1. Cool, looking forward to hearing more. Did you manage to fix your laptop?

  2. Not yet. Need to wait another month until I have sufficient $$$ saved. In the meantime I am planning on getting this:

  3. Just to clarify - I'm using an amazon gift card from some traded in college books to get the above. :D

  4. Wow that's a pretty awesome and flexible system! Do you think you will implement a system of transformations using these genes? Or even the ability to use a child when it has grown(maybe when your retired/dead)? I think it'd be pretty cool to play as the weird combinations you can make with the genes!

    1. Transformations CoC style? Might be a possibility in the future, but for now it's not a priority.

      And you will be able to mix the physical trait genes (tail, wings, etc.) with some races if it is allowed.

      I hadn't considered the idea of playing as your children later on, but I like it! Shouldn't be too hard to implement either. ;P

  5. Your efforts to incorporate genetics into Seduction Quest are admirable both in the details you have studied and in making use of the amazing degree of complexity available to ASCII games. I do not wish to cast doubt on this accomplishment itself - I merely question its timing this early in the game's infancy.

    Your attempt at an h-game with engaging mechanics and replay value is appreciated. Too many h-games are short lived, shallow, and age quickly. However, their original purpose is still the sexual experience. Of the two possible meanings of the phrase "making babies" one should probably be well developed before the other is implemented. After all if semen and eggs never come in contact all the development in heredity will be for naught.

    Perhaps a detailed level of pregnancy like this should come much further down the development road. While ASCII games don't need expansions or DLCs like other games do a reference to Skyrim's Hearthfire DLC might be appropriate. Making your own home and having a wife in a game revolving around fantasy vikings and killing dragons was good and very popular to many but was not actually necessary to the core experience of the game. It came along later after the game was established and successful.

    Besides, imagine if something just didn't work out the way with the core mechanics of the game and you had to make a revision that changed everything. It would be quite a pain to have to redo most of this. That was one of the setbacks that helped make Daikatana the infamous train wreck that it was.

    That aside, I hope you intend to put a similar level of detail and care into how the game can produce settings and the flow of scenes. Your combat system looks like it has the potential to support one of my favorite types of h-game known as battle-fuck where it is the sex itself that is the weapon. (It makes a great deal of sense with male protagonists and succubi who can empty out their hp bar by draining out their seed but can expanded to other situations as well). If this is possible but not your true intent to the game, perhaps consider an option that would toggle between the combat mechanics for fans of the BF genre. For settings, little touches that procedurally generate can really help the mood. One can have quite a bit of fun trying to sneak through a succubus stronghold trying not to get ridden to death, caught and immobilized by a random trap and sucked to death, or enchanted and willingly give in. Learning that there are trapdoors to even kinkier area that have to be escaped would just be the icing on the cake. They could be full of roaming tentacle monsters even. (Milking tentacles are quite popular not just for breasts but also for male equipment, please do not neglect these versions of tentacle monsters for male and herm protagonists.)

    Thank you for trying to make this game and I hope you are able to procure a good laptop soon. Good luck!