Friday, September 27, 2013

Heredity 101 & Race Backstories

Alright so while I wait for my laptop to get fixed, I've been trying to stay proactive with the project.  As said before, not being able to type and run code directly is a major hassle, but I am writing down the coding blueprints via pen & paper.  It takes ten times longer, but it's better than nothing.

Two new things that have been designed (mostly) is a genetic heredity system for mobs and some good backstory to the way the different mobs interact.

I'm sure everyone is familiar with pundet squares from biology class?  If not the basic premise is that certain traits are dominant over others.  (Whoever came up with the terms must have been into BDSM) I'm not goin to do a whole seminar since I'm limited to typing from my iPhone.  For SQ there are a few predetermined dominate traits (ex. normal height, B-cup breasts, for human females) everything else is randomly assigned to either be dominate or recessive (aka passive) to another trait.  Combine this with an offspring formula and it should end up being pretty interesting.  In order to avoid certain traits from completely dying out there should be a mutation that changes the traits Dom/Rec properties.  Of course during a players character lifetime you won't get to witness much of this... But later on I plan to add a save functions to worlds so that you can keep progressing throughout different generations.

tldr - it will be cool to become a slave breeder due to the upcoming heredity system

The second thing I mentioned was adding some backstory to the different (planned) races.  One of such examples:  All angels are born immortal, but are cursed to never lose their virginity.  Why?  Because angels are given a unique racial trait that causes [life_drain] when performing vaginal intercourse.  (Not to mention a strong addiction forever after if it happens). This doesn't mean angels can't perform or indulge in other sexual acts, they can, without repricussions.  But if they do break the taboo, not only do they lose their virginity, the halo, immortality and their angelic powers all goes with it.  As a result they grow a demonic tail and essentially turn into a succubus having to prey on males to stay alive.   Quite a cool bit of backstory IMO.

Although I'm finding it hard to tie in heredity in the case of certain monster/races.  The other big issue is to have intermingling races.  (Half human, half slime, etc). Or to just to make the racial determination a Dom/Rec gene.  (Can only be one or the other, but can carry recessive race genes)

Anywho, the battery on my phone is about to die so bye!


  1. You're better off doing the dom/rec genes if you want an easier time programming as opposed to "half races". This will speed up the progression of the game rather than having to sit down and write down complex mathematical formulas ala F.A.T.A.L. to determine things.

    However, if you were to pursue the Dwarf Fortress-esque style of half races, you'll have to do so in respect to body parts such that a half slime can be an elf with slime hair or some other strange combination. This would require you to separate each body part with it's own genetic data which is then derived from some complex mathematical formula.

    If that's the case, you may as well be simulating genomes for each and every race if you want a system THAT complex.

    You can also rule that only certain races can inter-mingle like how there are half-orcs and half-elves in D&D but no half-breeds of anything else. This would allow some cross-breeds without making the system a cluster-fuck for programming.

    However as Im' typing this, I'm thinking of a method to combine the two where we have 2 races, lets say a slime and a human, cross-breed. Let say the human has the "dominant" genes, so we give that gene a higher percentage of expressing itself in the offspring. Then for each body part, you roll a percentage, whichever roll wins will then express that gene.

    This leads into the problem of what possible body parts/traits should be considered "expressable" like hair color, skin tone, horns, ears, extra appendages, etc.

    Something to consider, but not I'm just rambling. Good luck.

  2. Was not expecting such a detailed analysis to appear!

    Yes, I am aware that if the system gets too complex it will be a huge time sink spent coding.

    As far as half-races go, I've pretty much ruled out a CoC like system. So no strange combinations for now... Restrictions on intermingling was what I was leaning towards as well, and I agree that it should greatly lessen the burden on programming. That doesn't prevent certain races from having intercourse. It just means there will be certain limitations on offspring.

    Going to get back to work on this. Some templates are done, but there still needs to be more planning.

    Thanks for letting me bounce some ideas off ya! Always happy to get feedback/suggestions from people.

    1. Before spending too much time thinking about it, wait until you can implement it, and then test it to hell and back. That's the best way to find/fix problems =)