Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ver 0.125 and Ver 0.13

If you downloaded Ver 0.12 before seeing this post, then the game was wrongly packaged and will not run properly.  (see previous post at bottom (edit) for reasons why)  Reloaded Ver 0.12 download file so it works now!

Going to have ver 0.125 out by tonight with a few more things. (so say, six hours?)  Then after ver 0.125 is released, going to work on redesigning the blog too, shouldn't take too long.  I'm planning on adding some serious H-content for Ver 0.13.  This time, I won't provide much details on what I plan to add, but I will say this, it's time to make this game, into an H-game.  Aiming to have it out in less than a week.


(edit - Had some stuff at home come up tonight.  Ver 0.125 will have to wait until tomorrow.)


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