Thursday, November 22, 2012

Another H Roguelike - "Noxico"

So it turns out Seduction Quest isn't the only game on the block when it comes to erotical roguelikes.  I just recently came across Noxico, and while testing it out, I jumped on the rogue basin IRC and contacted the Kawa (who is making the game).  We had a quick discussion about the respective games we were developing, pretty good conversation for the most part.

A little competition is never a bad thing, and if anything it should encourage us both to make our games better.  Heh, I told him that this would sorta mean we are rivals, and he responded with a challenge of fisticuffs.  (jokingly)  Noxico was started in early June October 2011, so development has been ongoing for six months almost a year.  I thought it was worth mentioning here because from what I saw, it looked good and has great potential.  I think our games will still be vastly different from one another, but it's nice to get a selection.    


In other news, next SQ release should be Sunday or Monday and I'm almost late for a Thanksgiving party!  Ciao!    


  1. Actually, the earliest timestamp I can find says I started in October 2011.

  2. Updated OP with that info. On the wiki it says Noxico was released in "2012 Jun 07" so that's what I based my information on.

  3. Well yes, that was the initial _release_. But you said _development_ ;)

    Glad to help clear that up :)

  4. Pretty good. Did you do the writing yourself Kawa? I got into a cave system and got squashed. Is there a leveling system at this point?

    1. @ Dave - You might have a better chance at getting Kawa's reply through his tumblr here,

      Or you can try the forums he has setup. :)

    2. There's skill leveling -- if you have a weapon, you can get better at using that and those like it with practice.

      Hitpoints are pretty much static by now.

      (lol replying here anyway)