Thursday, November 8, 2012

About Development and H-Stuff

Hey guys!

I have been working on getting that defeated NPC bug squashed.  It's just about done, but while doing so I noticed some other problems in my code.  So I've been tasking myself with going through and recoding certain things.  Initially, I had SQ setup and focused around the player and it was built upon that.  Many parts of the code treated the player different from a NPC.  That was going to be a problem later on when players choose the option of playing as a NPC.  So I went back and am still in the process of turning a lot of the player actions, into NPC actions.  (right now the player is considered NPC[0], while all other NPC's are NPC[1] - NPC[total npc num] )  Things like attacking, moving, etc. now use one function.  Before there was a function for the NPC to move, and one for the player. Function for the NPC attack, and another one for the player.  Next version NPC's should be able to pickup items and use them as well.  Which should lead to some interesting things... (heh)    I guess to summarize all this, is that I'm trying to code this stuff with a forwards compatibility, so that later on if you decide to play as "Alexandra Alanis the Succubus of Temptation" that the experience won't be restrictive.  (Hora hora!)       

For development releases I wanted to explain the model I'm following.  Every 0.1 increment in the version is considered a major release, while every 0.01 increment is considered a minor release.  Every 0.001- 0.005 increment will represent a patch or bugfix release.


Ver 0.2 - Major release  
Ver 0.14 - Minor release
Ver 0.125 - Patch release

I'm forecasting that Major releases will take one to three months.  Minor releases will take a few days to a week.  And patch/bugfixes will take one to a few days.  There will always be a minor release that serves as a polish, before a major release.  (add more descriptions, items, etc. - basically make it look nice and finished)   

This all is building up to the final product, Ver 1.0.  (the completed game)        

The next upcoming minor release (ver 0.13) will be due in less than a week.  An H-Battle system will be functioning to some degree.  I've got some good stuff planned that I won't spoil here, but I did want to discuss general H-related stuff in the game.

MGQ battle system was pretty cut and dry.  You just physically fought with your attacks not to lose, while your enemies attacked you with a mix of sex and normal attacks.  There was no sexual attack you could perform against the enemy.  And once orgasm is reached, it's game over. 

Other H-Games usually give the player some H-attacks to use against enemies.  A lust meter, energy meter, for one or both combatants.

SQ -  I'm against making the lose conditions that once orgasm it's gg.  Rather I had something along the lines of say, an addiction/insanity meter that increases every sexual act that is performed against the player.  Once that's full, then you become enslaved.  Other possible losing scenarios, if you are eaten (vore), or brutally injured to death (masochist).  Not every enemy intent would be to kill/vore/enslave, but the ones that didn't would have negative setbacks.  (ie. thief would take your money)  Since later on the plan is to make it so that NPC's can be played as characters, giving the hero/heroine sexual attacks seems redundant IMO.  (since if you want that, you can play as the NPC)

But.  To a certain degree I want to leave the possibility for the hero/heroine to participate/interact with some of the H-stuff and not necessarily be totally useless once it happens.  I think the losing conditions will come down to how the H-battle system plays out.  I know what I have in mind for the battle system, and until that's made, losing conditions aren't finalized.

On another note, I'm trying to avoid gore in the game.  Notice, "defeated" enemy, not "killed enemy/slain" enemy.  I think as a general rule, having sexual stuff with a character who's arm was slashed off, or legs broken and crippled is kinda..... a turn off?  (although I understand that appeals to a few)  I'm going to try to limit that sorta stuff so that you have to go out of your way to make it happen.  (ie. normal battles that won't happen, but there would be some scenarios where it could)    


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