Thursday, November 15, 2012

[Released] SQ - Ver_0.13

Done.  Here it is!    :)     Seduction Quest Ver_0.131  Seduction Quest - Ver 0.13

Alright so here's what's new.

New Items
  • Book of Arithmetic
  • Book of Seduction (will be released next patch, too buggy)

NPC Stuff
  • You can now view NPC's with the view command.  ([v]-iew, and then select the #2)
  • NPC's are assigned some randomly generated descriptions.  (not too many to pick from yet but I will add more, also I didn't get time to add color to the text...)
  • NPC's move a little differently than before.
  • NPC's can now stun.  (the more damage you have the more likely it will happen)
  • NPC's now have a physical attack and a erotic attack.  (more likely to use the ero attack if you are stunned)
Other Stuff 
  • Defeated NPC's can now be walked over.  
  • Reorganized a LOT of stuff in the code.
  • Added pink, light brown, and light green to available colors.  
  • Changed the way NPC's are spawned.
  • Changed the way map information is stored. 
  • You can view items on the floor with the view command.
There is also a lot of stuff that I didn't get finished with.  A really big one was anatomy for NPC's.  I'm still about 50% on the verge of having it ready, but it was a big task, much bigger than I expected it to be...  The current battle system against the NPC's is temporary.  They will have body parts/limbs just like your character, and not just 1 hit K.O.s to put them down.

I will post more later... it's 2 a.m. and I have to work in the morning.

Oh and someone showed me this -   pretty cool stuff.  Something I will consider doing maybe for the h-animations?  Possibly...

(edit - ver 0.131 out.  Fixed some bugs.  Game shouldn't crash when you attack yourself, or view items on the floor.  Also there was a bug where going to the edge of the map the tiles weren't displaying, that was fixed too.  New Game menu bug fixed.  (Just disabled all buttons besides [W] & [A])  Last bug fixed was the [S] tatus bug at start, where the descriptions were blank until you were attacked.  Changed the title in the window/application to say SQ ver 0.131 instead of 0.125.  That's it for now.  NPC's still move out of their biomes, but that will have to wait.  (I need to rewrite NPC AI for that, which is a semi-big task)  Going to start working on 0.14 tomorrow.  Oh and in case I didn't mention it... You guys should forgo filling your characters attributes.  For now, it doesn't do anything.  Once more of the gameplay mechanics are setup,  (item weight, equipment bonuses, attacking, magic, etc.) the attributes will be useful.  I will announce when the game reaches that point.  (hopefully soon)  )        


  1. Buggy Bits!

    Attacking on the square you are standing on causes the game to crash (I was doing this to pass turns).

  2. Hello, you must avoid bad labeling games Codex. You should IMHO redefine your wrong concept of sandbox games. It seems you think roguelikes are sand-boxed things. They aren't. DF is not really a true sandbox game but only an open world game. The tools for changing it as our wish (and so sandboxing) at any time aren't really there and doing it would be the same as cheating). And nethack? Not sandboxed, not even open world game. We can't consider a bunch of random caverns levels an open world.

    Maybe this help a bit but remember true sandbox have tools to change at any time the environment. DF can change the settings for the world generation (but actually hundred of games do that) but not really sandbox/realtime that world.

    I know that the world "sandboxing" it's very trendy now but... there are limits...

    Good luck for SQ dev!

    1. You make a good point.

      I've always thought that a sandbox game was a type of game that had no real objective, with or without environment manipulation. "Open World" is perhaps more befitting way to describe SQ based on looking at those links.

  3. I forgot the links