Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Status Update

It's been a few days since last release.  There are a couple of things I need to address.  Right now, SQ needs a lot of things and I can't do them all at once. 

Polish - Lots of things need to be done in this department.  I want to add three animations at the start, one for logo, another for LOVE2D, and then the third animation for the title menu.  Go around the game menu and remove a lot of the unusable buttons. (so people don't get confused)  THIS BLOG NEEDS TO BE REDESIGNED!!!  =P

Music - Intro music for startup animation/logo.  Also need simple background music loop for main game that fits the theme.  (something mellow, soft, etc.)  So one startup intro song (10-20 secs) and one song to loop over the gameplay. (20-50 secs)

Items - Can't really add weapons/items that do anything with health yet because the health system isn't fully setup.  Also want to add some really interesting effects to some items and possibly be able to give them a history.  (artifact status in DF)  Aiming to ad a lot of flavor items that do nothing but amuse as well.  And expect a lot of kinky items too!  (whips, chains, flails, and so forth)  

NPC'sMore types, different anatomies, descriptions, spawn locations, attributes, skills, abilities, etc... 

NPC AIUltimate goal is to have NPC's be different from one another in terms of their actions, decisions, and personality.  (not aiming for a hive mind like NPC, where they all do the same thing)

Line of Sight - Enemies and player won't be able to see past walls, trees, etc. 

H Content -  Needs to have painstaking detail into every aspect.  From the start of the "seduction" to the lust induced inferno at the climax.  What do I mean?  Those small details, something as little as having the CLANG CLANG of the metal necklace the girl is wearing bang together as she rides on top.  Stuff like that.  Also, I should say this.  There are going to be some NPC's that will be... nasty.  Not every encounter is going to be Miss Voluptuous - double D's.  Something along the lines of a five eyed mutant woman, with weird limbs, disfigured body, that is going to try and rape you.  Why?  Mostly because it will make the seduction from really 'appealing' ones much more worth it, and partly because some people are into that kinda stuff.  I'm also considering making it so that those really attractive NPC's are hard to reach encounters, (alpha/boss female of enemy group) so that you have to work to get to them through some of the less attractive NPC's.

Coding -  Still a lot of stuff I need to learn.  I am far from mastering Lua or LOVE.  Still confident I can do a lot of the stuff I want with my current skills though.  Optimization is one thing I will have to do later once the game gets to be big.  File manipulation is something that needs to be done as well.  I have almost no experience in that department, but I do know that I need to store and retrieve map, NPC, and item information from and to files so that the memory doesn't get too big.  Also a big goal is to have the coding in a way where people can mod the game, add new NPC's, items, etc.  So I need to keep it organized and readable.  (not always the case when I add something new)                  

And some miscellaneous stuff.  I used to dislike seeing some game developers who promised a bunch of features while their game was in development.  My thought was, "Hey, don't tell us (the consumers) that you will code all this stuff when it's taking you weeks and weeks to finish one damn thing! "  Now in hindsight, I can see why they do that.  I think in part it's because if they don't say which direction things are going, and people have no clue which features are being aimed for, interest will wane quick.  Some of the features that I want to add might take months before it's achieved. Others might never get added because later in the development there is either no need for it, or it won't fit the gameplay.  So bottom line, it's hard to predict and plan how everything will end up.  Only thing I can do is to aim for the goals set and adapt to any deviations that might come up.

IRL stuff.  Today I told my mom what I was working on.  It's a long story.  Short and sweet summary, the past few months we've been getting in arguments for me to go back to school and get my bachelors.  I've been against it, partly because I want to work on this and hope it takes off, and partly because I worry that route will lead to working in some kind of cubicle job with a ton of debt.  Anyway.  They have been in the dark about this project... until now.  I felt I had to say it though.  The past few months they have been worrying that I'm stumped in life and want to do nothing or something along those lines.  I understand their concern, and I know they have the best interests for me.. but I just had to set the record clear on what's been happening.  Her reaction was along the lines of, "You're doing WHAT?!"  Lots of shock and surprise on her end.  It was a two hour phone conversation...  End result?  Acceptance.  It was important to me for her to realize that I was trying to accomplish something and haven't been able to talk to them about.  I still left out a lot of details.  All that was mentioned was that I've been working on a porn game, that looks to be promising.  Didn't mention the blog, the game title, anything.  At the end of the conversation, I felt a lot of relief.  I don't think telling her that hurt our relationship in any way.  Still unconditional love between my parents and me and that will never change.

Let's see, last things - music, line of sight, and logo.  So an idea for the LoS (line of sight) was something along the lines of this.

Line of Sight
Notice how the player is no longer in the center of the screen, but at the bottom.  You need to turn the player in order to move in different directions.  I'm slightly worried that I might waste time coding it and then not using it because it doesn't feel right.  Some things to consider, will you turn only from N,W,S,E?  Turn NE, NW, SE, SW?  Gah.  Now I want to test it!  =P  Don't expect this in the next update though.  LoS I expect to take a while to implement.

Game Logo
I like it.  Simple and to the point.  I did have one person tell me that "Gamemaker" might be associated with the "Yoyo Gamemaker" TM?  Not entirely sure about this...  In that case I might have to make it "Hentai Game Maker".


Bloggers poll system is weird.  There are some songs to the top right of the blog.  Select one you like, or none if you don't like any of them.  Keep in mind, that the song that gets the most votes will be the one looped over the main gameplay, again and again.  If you have a different song you think should be listed, let me know, I will be more than happy to add it.  A friend of mine is making a custom song just for the game.  Will take a few days.  :) 

It's getting late and I have work in the morning.  Goodnight guys! 

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