Tuesday, November 6, 2012

[Released] SQ - Ver_0.125

Seduction Quest - Ver 0.125

The event color system is fully integrated into the code now... parts of it were a major hassle.  I wasn't able to use LOVE2D's word wrap function to print the words, so I had to make my own.  There were a lot of bugs along the way... so for this update, that's the only thing added.  I wanted to play with NPC's a bit, but that will have to wait until next update.  Also I tweaked the parameters of the world gen, so you can't pick a big map.  (it's now between 500-2000)  Anything bigger than that might crash your computer.  I was talking with some of the folks on IRC about it, and they suggested I store the map in a file to avoid memory problems so I will get around to that maybe Ver 0.14 or later.  Not a big issue right now.

Oh and text colors!  I am planning to make certain colors indicate things,


Yellow -> Damage/Attack related
Green -> H-related
Purple -> Status effects
Red -> Important things

Right now the injury system is white, yellow, orange, red.

I'm going to play around with it tomorrow to finalize which colors are for what.  I will finish this post tommorrow, it's 4 a.m. and I need sleep!

That bug that was mentioned before, crash upon viewing a dead body, is still there.  Didn't get a chance to mess with it.  Next update priority will be to fix it.

(edit - added this stuff below)

Here are the colors I currently have loaded into the game...  (20 in all)

 I picked them really based upon the RGB values without looking too closely.  There are quite a few of them that look similar...

White and Black,
2 Blues, 2 Browns, 2 Yellows, 2 Greys, 2 Greens, 2 Pinks
3 Teal/Aqua/Cyan looking one's (light blue?)
1 Purple, 1 Red, 1 Orange

Looking at getting rid of cyan, magenta, & brown (that looks too close to maroon).  Replacing those with, pink, light brown, and light green.  :)


  1. Bug Report!!!

    When at the screen where you set up your game, you can only switch from "Attributes" to "World Gen" and back again, but if you select one of the black screen options such as "Equipment" this black out the "World Gen" screen too, making it unusable.

    During the beginning of the game the health statuses of all body parts aren't visible i.e "You examine your head. Your eyes Your brow Your nose Your mouth Your ears". This clears up for all body parts once you take damage however.

    Sometimes I encounter NPC's out of their usual spawning locations, one case was a Basilisk Woman in a Arctic (dark blue) region. She also didn't attack or move about.

    1. Thanks for the info Bob.

      Some of these bugs I'm aware of, some I was not. Most of them are small fixes, although the NPC not attacking or moving might be the hardest to locate.

      Appreciate the help, and I will do my best to get them resolved!