Wednesday, October 31, 2012

[Released] SQ - Ver_0.12

Happy Halloween!


Seduction Quest - Ver 0.121

Six New Monster Girls

Yuki-Ona, Snow Fairy  (spawn in cold regions)
Alraune, Dryad  (spawn in grassy regions)
Basilisk Woman, (spawn in desert)
Valkryie (spawn anywhere)

Three New Items

Book of Shadows

New Buttons

Use [P]  to pickup items off the floor.
Use [I] to interact with the item you have.
Use [A] to go in the attack mode, and then select a target then press [A] again.

New Menu Option

When you start a new game, there is a new menu, "World Gen", let's you use custom seeds for maps and play with the size & scale.  (although it's recommended that you don't set the size too high, otherwise the game will freeze for a minute while it generates the map)
Here are some quick screenshots!

~Some spoilers~
  •  To get candy - defeat some monster girls.  Using it will act as a healing item.
  • There are two ways to acquire a sword.  Only one monster drops it, or use a Book of Shadows.
  • One monster will always drop a Book of Shadows, but only during a certain moon phase...
  • Using a Book of Shadows can result in one of two effects...         
(edit - WHOOPS!  The game was packaged incorrectly.  One of my folders for my files was, 'Libs' and I referenced it in the code as 'libs', the case sensitivity mattered after I packaged it, not while I was testing it!  Sorry!  Should be fixed now...)


  1. I'm getting an error when the game launches about a missing "libs.heightmap" file. It also lists a bunch of other files related to "heightmap", "loadall" and "libs" files which are also missing,

  2. Thanks for letting me know! See bottom of post (edit) for reasons. Reloaded the file with the small typo fix. Works fine now, and in future I will make sure I test the packaged game too, not just the unzipped one I normally use for testing.

  3. Bugs:
    After striking down an enemy and moving the look cursor over her the game crashes with the error: "main.lua:2199 attempt to concatenate field '?' (a table value)."

    And thats it! In other news I really like the uncertainty of the book of shadows, had to smile when I got a bit more than just a sword...