Monday, November 12, 2012

Deadline for 1.3 (and checklist)

It will be out no latter than Thursday, although I will try really hard to have it ready by Wednesday.

So far this is my checklist,

  • Fix NPC_defeated view bug.  [Done]  
  • Walk over defeated NPC's.  [Done]
  • Recode Move and Drop/Pickup Item functions. [Done]
  • Organize items in a more efficient way [Done]
  • Give NPCs a field of view. [Done]
  • Recode how map stuff is stored/generated.  (uses less memory) [Done]
  • NPC's movement is more random when in pursuit.  [Done]
  • NPC's are assigned unique descriptions.  [In progress]
  • NPCs now can use items. [In progress]
  • H-content - 1 [In progress]
  • H-content - 2
  • H-content - 3
  • Update NPC AI for H-content
  • Add drop item function
  • Fix Candy bug (appeared when I changed some code structure) [Done]
  • Fix status check bug at game start
  • Fix Main Menu bug
  • Fix NPC's moving out of their biomes
  • Add a few custom items for NPC's
  • Code player's Field of View
  • Time of day & moon phase will affect NPC's and player's Field of View.

I'm not leaking details about the upcoming H-content here, so you will just have to wait and see!  :)

(edit - Will be out Thursday night)  


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