Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Info on loan and Ver 0.12

Alright so here's the scoop.

I will be finding out whether my loan gets approved by tomorrow or not.  If it does, then great!  I can continue working on this project for a few months with a lot of effort.  If it doesn't then... well.  I'm going to have to find a find another part time job or quit my current one and get a full time job.  That will mean that the time available at my disposal on this will be severely limited.  I anticipate that updates would come in the form of every 2 weeks or more if that happens, instead of just every few days to a week.

With that being said.  Here are my goals for Ver 0.12

Customize Terrain Generation (via the "New Game" --> "[W]  orld Generation" Menu)
  • Enter custom seeds ("Random Seed", "M0nst3r Gir1s", etc.) or use random one
  • Scale the biome sizes
  • Determine map size
  • (This too possibly, Display Map, if you like it, then proceed, if not, reset)
  • Enemies that are beaten will be colored red and upon viewing will have a "defeated" status
  • Defeated enemies will no longer be active
  • Add color to events of certain types  (ex. The Succubus attacks your left arm!  Your left arm is disabled!)
  • New event that displays when your limb/part has sustained enough damage that it becomes disabled
  • Change wording of "is" to "are" after plural things  ("Your eyes are ok", instead of, "Your eyes is ok.")
  • Add the six new NPC's (that were mentioned before)
  • NPC's spawn in their relative biomes
  • Update NPC AI so that they stay in their biomes
  • (Possibly, different attacks for NPC's)
  • Add a few basic items (one healing, 1-2 weapons, one miscellaneous)
  • Items will affect your weight, thus affecting your speed

That's what's being aimed for.  I have to work at my part time job consecutively for the next few days so progress will be a tad slow.  Also, working from home is too much of a distraction so I've picked a public location where I can work on this project that suits the needs for privacy, a free electrical supply, and quiet area.  Hoping to have Ver 0.12 out within a week. 

For Ver 0.13, I want to work on adding trees, flowers, rocks, and other landscape to the terrain.  Then make ones that should be solid, (ex. trees) not be passable. After that, I really want to add raycasting to the players field of view.  (you won't be able to see past trees, etc.)  Then some work on descriptions for things.  (NPC's, items, terrain, etc.)

Let's see... what else to mention?  I threw up a thread on the LÖVE2D forums about this project, and the response was much better than I expected.  Received a lot of support on how to code certain elements that has already proved useful.  I'm really glad I didn't get banned though, heh.  Thought it might happen... but thankfully it didn't!  ;)  I think I'm the first person to make a game like this, using LÖVE, so I was a bit nervous posting it up on the forum.  The forum thread I made is here, if you want to see for yourself.

LÖVE2D Seduction Quest Thread      

And if you want to put the LÖVE2D game engine to some use, here are a bunch of free games you can play that were made by people using LÖVE.

LÖVE Games


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