Thursday, October 18, 2012

[Released] SQ - Ver_0.10 Demo

I didn't get everything that I wanted in, but I've delayed this long enough.

First, you need to download and install this.  LOVE2D
It's the game engine I'm using to code SQ.  (most people seem to use RPGMaker though)

Then just download and run this.

Seduction Quest - Ver 0.1

Here is a list of the stuff of what I planned to have before launch.



Terrain generation for biomes
Color for biomes
Generate items/loot


V - View function.  Examine terrain, items, characters

E - Equipment function.  Take off and equip items. 
W - Wait function.  Time progresses while you do nothing.


- spawn different types in biomes
- have a field of view
- drop loot, attack player, different attacks

- six types of monsters
- ICE:  Yuki-Ona, Snow Fairy  (spawn in cold regions)
- GRE: Alraune, Dryad  (spawn in grassy regions)
- DES: Basilisk Woman, (spawn in desert)
- NEU: Valkryie (spawn anywhere)


- time progresses
- 1 day/night = one moon phase
- one day == 20,000 ticks (you can travel 400- 650 blocks in a day, roughly 3-4 biomes)
- travel 300 blocks ish = 1 day
- max speed = 30-50 go 500 blocks
- perform x action = time_progress(x_action) compare to other NPC's actions.


- health system working

- health menu display
- magic menu display


- damage system against enemies
- some functioning spells


- things to heal
- items have weight

[Event System]

- attack event

- day change event
- moon phase event
- equipting items event

- attack miss event

[Main Menu]
- music

-- optional (if there is time)
- traits
- randomly generate the ascii image
- add the LOVE2D logo/animation
- add logo
- add credits

The end result?  Maybe half of that.  I got so boggled down in the terrain generation, and I still didn't finish it.  It's not ready so I ended up cutting it out.  Here are some screenshots though of what it looks like,

Blue = ICE and ARCTIC regions.
Green = GRASS and FOREST regions.
Yellow = DESERT region.

Lots of desert and ice.

 Lots of forest and desert.

 A little bit of all three.

 Zoomed out the size a bit.

Do you spot the recurring problem?  It all flows vertically.  The grass, ice, desert doesn't cross horizontally, and I know why it's happening.  I've been trying to experiment with a couple of solutions and should have it fixed soon...  Once that's done, I can start going through the other stuff that I need to finish.

Feedback on the demo would be appreciated.  I understand right now, it's more a proof of concept than anything.  It's in a test-able state, not a play-able one.  I'm hoping once I have that list of things done, playability should be existent.  (bare minimum)  Then after I crunch through the rest of the framework, I can start adding more items, monsters, special stuff to make it more interesting.

heh.  :)

One last thing.




(edit:  Be aware there is a bug after you go -> New Game -> Proceed, it tries to generate water/lakes outside of the map causing the game to crash.  It only happens like once every ten times it's run.  Just restart the game again.  I should have that fixed next update, which should be in a few days with other stuff. (hopefully the terrain biome generation fixed and ready!)  )


  1. From what you've done so far there certainly some potential, it's a bit hard to judge but I sure you can make something good out of this!

    One issue is that you can become "stuck" on the character creation menu if you try to use any menu apart from proceed, though thats all the technical issues I could spot.

    The gameplay itself has that "Dwarf Fortress" adventure mode vibe to it, it's just innately fun to run around and gather an entourage of succubi! Can't wait to see this fleshed out a bit more! Sorry if this isn't quite helpful too, it's more of a review than a playtest report...

    Anyways, best of luck! And hora hora! :D

  2. Thanks for the response! Always good to hear feedback. And yes, I'm aware there isn't much to do. Before I can get to the fun stuff, adding items, NPC's, spells, etc. I need to lay a foundation in the code for it, which can eat away time.

    I haven't made the buttons for the other parts of the creation menu yet. So for now, they are just for show. (although I should [N] ull them or cross them out with a line) Thanks for pointing it out though! The attributes part is going to be awesome.


    It's going to let you select your preferences against certain types of monsters, sexual attacks, etc. (i.e. either giving you a bonus to defense or weakness) The catch is this. You can only spend points on defense attributes if you have points. You start with zero. In order to acquire points, you have to select which attributes your weak to. Make sense? So say your not a big fan of necrophilia and you want to boost the defense against that, then you would need to pick a weakness of something like "foot fetish", that would make you weak against that sort of thing, and give you points to spend.

    As for the DF adventure mode, that's closely what I had in mind to the feel and look of the game. :)

  3. You may want to code the controls so that players can use the numbers across the top of their keyboards if they don't have a keypad - this will allow users of most laptops/notebooks to play as well.

    1. I only have a laptop so I've been coding for the numbers on top of the standard keyboard as opposed to the NUM Pad, unless you found something otherwise? There might be a few menus that don't have their buttons properly setup in Ver 0.1, (notably, I believe the status, or equipment menu, none of the buttons work so if you enter the menu, you can't leave...)