Sunday, October 21, 2012

Next Update and a few things.

Alright so I want to release the next update by tomorrow night, although it might get pushed back to Monday depending on how tired I feel after work.

Here's what should be ready.

  • Terrain generation.
  • Health system displaying properly and updating when attacked.
  • Being able to attack enemies. 
  • And maybe some other stuff if I have time. 

 Ideally, I'm trying to make this game something that people can play, even if they have no interest in the hentai part of it.  Solid gameplay is what I'm aiming for so that people won't get bored an hour after playing...

Here is a list of what's being planned on the future off the top of my head.  (more stuff to be added and this list may get revised)

  • -- Test demo. 
  • -- Basic items.
  • -- Few NPC's.
  • -- Make working formulas for stats and attributes.
  • -- Basic combat.
  • -- Event system.
  • -- Basic terrain generation.
  • -- Basic AI.
  • -- Basic random descriptions for NPC's, items, terrain, attacks.
  • -- Some basic verbs, swim, jump, etc.

  • -- Z-levels. (towers, dungeons, etc.)
  • -- Ray-casting for player.  (maybe enemies too?)
  • -- Sense system included in battle calculations.  (taste, touch, smell, vision, sound)
  • -- Save/Load.
  • -- More items.
  • -- More NPC's. 
  • -- NPC damage system.
  • -- Advanced biomes.  (DF had temp, sea level, evil, neutral, good, something similar to that)   
  • -- More verbs, read, throw, climb, etc.
  • -- Improve AI.
  • -- Improve random descriptions.

  • -- Improve biome generation.
  • -- Add villages for humans and certain monsters.
  • -- Social encounters system. 
  • -- Trade system.
  • -- More items.
  • -- More NPC's. 
  • -- Improve AI.
  • -- Improve random descriptions.

  • -- Special boss monsters.
  • -- Add special time events.  (eclipses, and other events do certain things)
  • -- Add AI tactics.  (in groups, attacks, etc.)
  • -- Improve random descriptions.

  • -- Final touches. 
  • -- Optimize code.
  • -- Heroine mode.
  • -- Improve random descriptions. 

One last thing I wanted to add.  I've followed dev blogs on many different games.  I notice that some developers have a really good game or concept, but they keep coding it as a hobby. (making the development extremely slow and the features lacking)  Not all of them do this, just some, and I think in part, it's because of a lack of confidence in the project.  There is a fear that it might not be successful, and it's a financial risk. 

Well... fuck that!  Risk or not, I'm going for it.  This coming Monday I'm going to start visiting banks in an attempt to secure a $2000 loan to work on this for a guaranteed three months.  I'm not saying this project will be finished that soon.  I'm hoping it will be developed enough by that point that I could do something like Notch did with Minecraft.  Some kind of price model where buying it early gets a steep discount on the anticipated final price. 

My current financial situation is this.

Living expenses per month: $0900 - $1000
Single part time job (10-20 hrs a week): $0400 - $0300
Anticipated cost needed per month: $0500 - $0700

3 months of funding: $2000

Of course, when I go to the bank asking for the loan, I'm going to need to come up with a good excuse for the money...  heh.  I don't think they would respond kindly if I said, "It's for a porn game I want to develop." 

=P  I will let you know how it goes! 


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  1. Wow, didn't expect you to make such an investment though I can see your reasons why. I hope it all goes well!