Tuesday, October 23, 2012

[Released] SQ - Ver_0.11

Here it is!

Seduction Quest - Ver 0.11

A few things added.

Basic terrain generation. (with color!)
Status check your limbs for damage.  Via -> S -> Pick 1-7 (#8 doesn't work yet)
Succubus attack different body areas.  (upper, lower, middle)
You can attack using a -> and then a again, but it's a bit bugged, and unfinished.

I can across a major bug when I changed the terrain generation.  It was causing the NPC actions some grief and it kept crashing.  Still not sure why it was happening, but I removed certain elements and it is fine for now.


I had a few ideas recently for some stuff.  For terrain biomes, I was thinking of three factors,

1. Temperature Level
2. (insert another variable)
3. Ero Level

The first two would work something like this. (taken from Minecraft biomes)

Except I'm not planning on using rainfall to determine which biome is generated.  Something else that I need to think of.  As for #3, the Ero Level, this will determine the biome/area's strength in terms of number of monsters, the strength of monsters, and some really cool things.

High Ero Level, would mean biomes like,  
"The Forest of Seduction", "The Debaucherous Ice Mountain", "Impure Desert", etc. etc.

While a Low Ero Level would be the reverse,
"Immaculate Forest", "The Virgin Ice Pillar", "Desert of Chastity", and so forth. 

Anyway.  So yup.  I'm going to throw up a few pictures of what the terrain generation looks like now.  It's honestly ten times better than before.

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