Thursday, December 20, 2012

No pre-Christmas Release (sorry guys!)

Just a little heads up, I won't be releasing the next version before Christmas.  I decided since I'm short of money and can't really afford to buy gifts for loved one's, I will program them some games instead.  (chess, card games, and so on.)  It's definitely going to take more than a day or two to get that done, so progress on SQ will be slowed/halted until I get those "gifts" made.  Another thing is, I took another part-time job.  It might pay well, or not, depends on a lot of things ~ won't go into all the details at this time.  With both of those things added to my schedule, I'm not expecting to release Ver 0.2 until before New Year-ish.  Expect some screenshots at the very least until then.  Tonight I was trying to get the inventory/equipment system setup so that you can use the items your holding instead of just the one you picked up.  Not quite finished, but once it's done it should work nicely.  Oh and other cool stuff is planned as well!  :)  More details later on next post.

Cya guys!          

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