Friday, December 7, 2012

News Regarding - 0.15

Hey all.

Sorry I haven't been able to throw up a post in a while.  A lot of stuff has come up and I kept putting off the post until I felt like I had decent information to contribute.  I've decided that I'm going to skip releasing 0.145 and just aim for 0.15 instead.

So here's the scoop.

Fixed the Field of View bug.  Now working on implementing a much different type of movement system than most roguelikes use.  In fact, I have yet to see a roguelike use the kind of movement system I have in mind.  (for grid-based RL's, I've seen Real Time games do it) Mathwise - it's complicated.  The numbers that I kept reading again and again weren't making any sense.  It's not done yet, but... it's close.  People may not like the movement system when it comes out, but I think it will be something you will just have to adjust too.  It's going to open more tactical possibilities and ways to use items, for both the NPC's and yourself.

I read a good article on RogueBasin about name generation by using a list of names and breaking them down into syllables.  Upon further reading, I stumbled across another site devoted to word-generation not just for names, it had everything.  Ranging from magic spells, wrestling moves, skills, abilities, and so forth, but the important thing that caught my eye was the way it was done.

Here is the site, Seventh Sanctum, and the article containing the method I plan to use later for a lot of cool stuff I want to add.

Right now I was able to generate some interesting names for our NPC's.  :)  Here is a look.

Gothic (for Succubus)

Native American (for plant-monsters)

Viking (for Valkyrie)

The name generator still needs some tweaking but for now it will have to do.  Other stuff is being worked on too, although I don't have time to mention it because I need sleep.  =P

As for the next release... if I wasn't going to be working all this weekend I would say Sunday, but since I am, the aim is for the middle of next week.   

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