Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I know it's been a while... 

I didn't quit programming since the last post.  I just slowed down a bit due to work and stuff.  Recently I just quit one of my jobs, and was laid off from another so that is going to leave me with lots of free time for the next couple of months.


I tidy'ed up the html of this blog a bit.  Added Void Nexus it's own page, and another game I've been working on as well.

So here are some new details.

 Coding - I've learned some new stuff.  Manipulating tables a bit better, organizing everything so that it makes sense, naming my variables properly, and commenting on my code so I can understand if I don't look at it for a week.  One problem I am having is reading other peoples libraries.  Some of the coders on the LOVE forums have bits and pieces of code I want to use, but I can't read their damn libs.  Most of them seem to use metatables and modules a lot and I have a basic grasp of that stuff so it limits me from using their libs.

Void Nexus - I've been working on a collision detection system, and almost have it setup right.  There was some trigonometry involved and portions of coding I was unfamiliar with.  I've got a good portion of it all down, and just need to hammer out the SAT (separating axis theorem) to get it to work right.  After scouring the web for "free for commercial use" music, a few background tracks and sounds were discovered.  Most of them fit the theme quite nicely and don't sound bland after repetitively listening to them.   

Other game - Alright.  I'm a big fan of Monster-Girl-Quest and as such I've been sucked into playing some other hentai games.  Problem is, most of them are in Japanese.  There are only a few that are translated and hardly any good ones.  I've noticed that developers for a lot of these games are getting stuff wrong with their gameplay, story-line, and H-scenes.  Here's a common example.  A game has great H-Scenes but the gameplay is so damn frustrating it ruins everything OR a games storyline might be decent but the H-Content is lacking.  (both seem to occur often with H-games)

Besides Japanese H-Games, there are almost no English Hentai developers!  So I've decided to try my hand at making one.  It's basically going to be Monster-Girl-Quest meets Dwarf Fortress/.Nethack.  There won't be any H-scenes, it will be all text.  But I'm hoping enough things get added to make encounters and game sessions different each time.  One big thing I have planned is to add a "select skills - weakness/resistance".

Something like this,

[  ] - Voyeurism (sexual arousal increased when witnessing sexual acts)
[x] - Submissive (sexual arousal increased when being forced)
[  ] - Necrophillia (sexual arousal when near undead)
[  ] -  Furry (sexual arousal when near fox type enemies)

Which lets you customize your characters sexual preference, so that when you run into encounters you don't want, ex. a female mud golem raping you in the ass, you can easily avoid it without getting aroused.  Also I do plan to make it a mix of regular fighting and erotical fighting.  I haven't ironed out all the details but I've got a few ideas formed in my mind with how gameplay is going to work.  UI is going to be tricky.  I will add more details as the game gets more developed.  (it doesn't even have a name yet!)      

I will have to be looking for a second job in a few months.  I've got a small sum of money saved so that I can work on these projects without interruptions from work.  Funds should be fine until around November-ish.  (maybe October, maybe December, depends on how well I stick to my food budget) 

Should have some new demos up for both games soon!  :) 

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