Saturday, March 31, 2012

So why this blog?

I may get asked this question later, so why not answer it here.

I want this to serve as the developers blog for Void Nexus, but also a archive of useful information for novice programmers. So I am recording progress on the game as I start from scratch.

There is another reason to it as well... What would Minecraft be without the "Word of Notch"? The developers input is valuable when a project is started. It shapes the community and the game itself. Later on I want people to read and know that it's possible to make a really good idea come to fruition even if you have no expertise in whatever the idea is about.

I will be linking some helpful information on coding later this week. Might even write a guide or two if I have enough time.

Time Invested on Void Nexus Past Week = ~13 Hours
Total Time Invested = ~68 Hours

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